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New York Yankees Squeezed Lou Gehrig After He Was »

The New York Yankees won the 1936 World Series in five games over their cross-town rivals, the New York Giants.Joe DiMaggio had a good Series, batting .346 with three doubles and three RBIs. He received a warm reception when he returned to his home in San Francisco and was surprised when he was taken to city hall in the mayor’s car and was [...]

Hot Stove 2010: What To Make of Derek Jeter and New »

Black Friday has come and gone and the Yankees and Derek Jeter have yet to strike a deal. Everyone knows what has gone on thus far. The Yankees have offered a deal to make Jeter the highest paid middle infielder in the big leagues when he is not performing like one. Jeter wants the Yankees to give him an Alex Rodriguez type contract, with rumors [...]

Brian Cashman Playing Chicken With Derek Jeter: Smart »

After reports of New York Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter turning down a 3 year, $45 million deal, general manager Brian Cashman told Jeter and his agent Casey Close to test the free agent market. Criticism fired from all directions at Cashman. Life long fans couldn't believe that Cashman could let the face of their franchise, a captain, talk to [...]

Derek Jeter Negotiations: Pride vs. Power »

Since 1901, only nine shortstops age 37 or above hit over .270 in a season. Derek Jeter will qualify as the 10th player in that category next season, and the New York Yankees are well aware of that. Sure, if you are going to bet on someone entering that group (that happens to include six Hall of Famers), it might as well be Jeter. For the Yankees, [...]

Derek Jeter Declines Huge Contract Offer from Himself »

Saying he was “extremely insulted,” New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter turned down a 10-year, $200 million offer from himself on Friday. Jeter, who awarded himself a Gold Glove earlier this month, told the Associated Press that “the offer just doesn’t take into account all I’m worth to [...]

Derek Jeter: The New York Yankees’ Captain Wants »

In a contract negotiation that was already ugly, things between the Yankees and Derek Jeter have just gotten worse. Bill Madden of the New York Daily News has stated that Jeter and the Yankees are at least $80 million apart in their contract negotiation. It is possible that the two sides may be more that $80 million apart. This is a nightmare for [...]

New York Yankees Should Turn Their Backs on Derek »

Courtesy of Yankees 'n More According to this Bill Madden column from Friday's New York Daily-News, Derek Jeter has asked the New York Yankees to give him a six-year contract worth $150 million. Furthermore, while the Jeter camp might be willing to cave a bit on length, "They aren't budging on $25 million per season."And people think Brian Cashman [...]

New York Yankees: Can Pitching Coach Larry Rothschild »

All the New York Yankees news the past week or so has been about Derek Jeter and his new deal. How much will Jeter "settle" for and will the Yankees come up from their three-year, $45 million deal. Also, some Mariano Rivera news has popped up. Will the Yankees give him a two-year deal? But one big story a couple weeks ago was the hiring of new [...]

New York Yankees: How Do You Solve A Problem Like »

Would Derek Jeter be underpaid at $10 million a year for the next three years? Could he be worth as much as $20 million a year over that time span. Does the Yankees' offer of $15 million per adequately cover both possible contingencies? The answer is that it's hard to know for sure because Jeter is something of a wildcard. According to Fan Graphs, [...]

Derek Jeter and Free Agent Fails: Infamous Times a »

The sports industry is an odd one.You can give your heart and soul to a team and its fans, and they can want no part of you when it comes to a new contract. There have been several instances where a player has chosen to move on, or a team chooses to trade a player and at least get something for their star player.But, in rare instances, a [...]

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