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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Derek Jeter: The New York Yankees’ Captain Wants A-Rod Money

a contract negotiation that was already ugly, things between the Yankees and Derek Jeter have just gotten worse.

Bill Madden of the New York Daily News has stated that Jeter and the Yankees are at least $80 million apart in their contract negotiation.

It is possible that the two sides may be more that $80 million apart.

This is a nightmare for Yankee fans, as neither side has been budging while Jeter and his agent Casey Close's demands have gone up. It has been reported that Jeter and Close are asking for $25 million a year, well within the range of what teammate Alex Rodriguez makes every year.

Whether Rodriguez has anything to do with Jeter's stance in this negotiation, Brian Cashman and the Yankee organization stand strong ...

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