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Derek Jeter, Sadly, Has One of the Worst Range Factors »

Range Factor is a measurement of a defensive player's range. It is a simple statistic that is calculated by adding a fielder's put outs and assists, multiplying that number by nine and dividing the result by games played. Derek Jeter is rated as an average defensive player by some "experts." Others consider him to be and to have been below [...]

Yankees Enter 2012 as an Under the Radar Team, but »

Baseball’s offseason has been highlighted by nothing but Ryan Braun, the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Angels. Lost in the mix is a billion-dollar franchise. The only billion-dollar franchise in baseball. Where are the New York Yankees in every baseball discussion? It’s like they are nowhere to be found. It’s like a changing [...]

Forgotten New York Yankees of the Past Four Decades: »

Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and Jeter are some of the greatest names in New York Yankees' history. However, Beniquez, James and Moses are the names of some of the forgotten Yankees. This series will focus on the less remembered players to wear pinstripes over the last four decades (1970s-2000s). Today's letter of the day is "C." [...]

From Ruth to Rivera, Those Yankees Spikes Hard to Fill »

Ever since he arrived in Tampa for spring training, Mariano Rivera has dropped hints that 2012 may be the year of Exit Sandman. In 17 seasons with the Yankees, Rivera has saved a major league record 603 games and added another 42 in postseason play. He is the best closer in history, and the Yankees won't be replacing him as much as looking [...]

The 10 Best Relief Pitchers in Major League History »

A dominant relief pitcher is often viewed as the most clutch pitcher on a team's staff. Some team's have relied on the efforts of their exceptional relievers for regular season success, and some have relied on them for postseason success.Ever since saves became an official statistic in 1969, teams have always worked hard to develop a dominating [...]

NY Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez and What Is Orthokine »

In early December, Alex Rodriguez went to Germany to have orthokine therapy. This medical procedure was done to help Alex with his chronic right knee and shoulder problems. So what is orthokine therapy? Orthokine therapy was initially designed to treat osteoarthritis. This technique was developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Peter [...]

Horace Clarke Was Better Than New York Yankees’ »

He was a fine player who is almost always overlooked when discussing Yankees second baseman. Horace Clarke was a sure-handed defensive player that first played shortstop before he took over as the Yankees' regular second baseman. Clarke set a league record by leading second basemen in assists for six consecutive seasons and in putouts for four [...]

New York Yankees: Brian Cashman Pulls a Freidman Type »

While the New York Yankees roster seemed to be complete, the Yankees and David Aardsma agreed to a one-year contract for $500,000 with incentives and a team option for 2013.A former first-round pick, David Aardsma was once considered to become the long-time closer for the Seattle Mariners. His brief stint as closer had ended as he had to [...]

Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford Never Intimidated Hank »

Mickey Mantle was extremely well-liked by his teammates and by most of his opponents. Pitchers who had just been victimized by a Mantle home run appreciated the fact that he circled the bases with his head facing the ground. Mickey and the Yankees were the antithesis of many modern players who watch a deep drive hit the wall before they start to [...]

Rocky Colavito’s Greatest Performance with the »

In an attempt to help a challenged offense, on July 15, 1968 the eighth-place New York Yankees (they weren’t last because there were 10 teams in the league) signed Rocky Colavito, who had been released by the Los Angeles Dodgers. The new Bronx Bomber fit in well, considering the circumstances.  Colavito, who batted only .220/.330/.451 [...]

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