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Lucky No. 13: Alex Rodriguez a King in New York »

Alex Rodriguez is one of sports' most talked about icons. A man hated and loved by millions. Red Sox fans loved him during trade talks until he became a Yankee. Yankee fans hated him for becoming Yankee. New York is the toughest place to play sports—has been and always will be. It's Gotham. It's one of the world's most famous locations ever. [...]

Irish Coach, Yankees Manager, or Cowboys QB?: The Best »

By JOHN P. WISE One Great Season I started thinking about this last week, then found myself in a lukewarm debate on Bleacher Report about how prestigious the Notre Dame coaching job is. One dude called it the most prestigious position in the entire world, and it didn't sound like he was exaggerating. I think that's a bit of a stretch, but it's [...]

What Does Fate Hold for Joba Chamberlain and Phil »

Major League Baseball's offseason is famous for its high-priced free agent signings and blockbuster trades. General managers are on the phone 24/7 trying to put together the perfect roster for the upcoming season. However, the New York Yankees have one glaring issue that needs a solution. Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain both burst onto the scene [...]

Derek Jeter Wins SI’s Sportsman Of The Year »

According to SI.com (obviously), New York Yankees SS Derek Jeter has won the coveted Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award. Jeter becomes the first Yankee to ever win the award and the first baseball player to win the award since the Boston Red Sox won it at as a team in 2004. I have no problem with Jeter receiving the honor, but he [...]

SI Names Jeter Sportsman Of The Year »

  For the first time in its 55-year history, the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award will go to a member of the New York Yankees.  The magazine announced Monday that Derek Jeter is the 2009 recipient of the award. This October, the Yankee captain led the Bronx Bombers to their fifth World Series title since his debut with the [...]

The Los Angeles Dodgers Dominated the Yankees in the »

Few teams have dominated a World Series the way the Los Angeles Dodgers dominated in 1963. The Dodgers won 99 games during the season, and faced the defending World Champion Yankees in the Series for the first time since they abandoned Brooklyn. Outstanding Los Angeles Pitching Sandy Koufax had the first of his four outstanding years, going [...]

Derek Jeter Named Sports Illustrated’s »

While Derek Jeter may have missed out on winning the American League MVP Award to Joe Mauer, this is one award no one can take away from him. It was announced today that Jeter will be named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year. This is the first time that a Yankee has won the award in the 56 years of its existence, and the first time a [...]

Tis the Season »

“Mom’s Ticked! She saw what you did.” Unfortunately that is a text message that I receive quite regularly from one of my kids. I’d love to say that I had no idea what this was referring to but this time I actually did. Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time to retrieve the Christmas decorations from the boxes in the garage and [...]

Johnny Damon Needs the New York Yankees More Than They »

While every one now is pondering why Roy Halladay is needed on the Yankees (he isn't), I want to focus on the first important deal that Brian Cashman will attempt to get done. After Johnny Damon finally helped the New York Yankees back to the World Series, and winning their first title since 2001, he is a free agent again. And every time [...]

The Yankees Could Be Buying This Halladay Season »

With Thanksgiving over and the Christmas season in full swing, baseball's free agency period and winter off-season shopping and trading will likely now pick up full steam. The biggest name on the trading market is Blue Jays ace pitcher Roy Halladay. Halladay's agent recently named four teams Halladay prefers: the Red Sox, Phillies, Dodgers, and [...]

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