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Roger Clemens Acted on Principle at Yankee Stadium and »

Roger Clemens doesn't back down. A man of principle, he fights for his rights. Monday, Oct. 25, 1999 was a World Series travel day for the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves.After one of his legendary workouts, Clemens was involved in an altercation with a "gentleman" in the Yankee Stadium parking lot. Clemens was signing autographs for fans. [...]

Kenny Rogers and Mariano Duncan for Greg Vaughn: 50 »

In early July 1997, rumors swirled that the New York Yankees were going to swing a deal with the San Diego Padres.The Yankees would send much-maligned left-hander Kenny Rogers, along with second baseman Mariano Duncan to the Padres in exchange for outfielder Greg Vaughn and a minor league pitcher. Rogers's claim to fame was that he had pitched a [...]

Bernie Williams: Comparable to Bobby Murcer and Devon »

In 1998, Bernie Williams won the batting title, a Gold Glove and finished seventh in the MVP voting. That wasn't good enough for the "experts."Williams, they concluded,  was about as popular as Joey Cora with respect to attracting television audiences. His statistics placed him in Bobby Murcer's, not Mickey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio's category. [...]

New York Yankees: 10 Reasons Phil Hughes Needs to »

The New York Yankees just about have their rotation set for next season with the not-so-minor question of whether Phil Hughes should start being one of the last issues.The Yankees rotation consists of CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, Hiroki Kuroda and either Hughes, A.J. Burnett or Freddy Garcia. Each of the last three have a case for and a [...]

New York Yankees: 5 Big Trades the Yankees Should »

Everybody keeps throwing out names like Hideki Matsui, Vladimir Guerrero and Johnny Damon when discussing who the New York Yankees' should acquire to help their offense in 2012.In the Michael Pineda press conference Brian Cashman said that the trade market will be their “first and foremost” way to find a bat and free agency will be a [...]

Paul O’Neill over Barry Bonds for a World Series »

When he learned that he had been traded to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for right fielder Paul O'Neill, Roberto Kelly wasn't surprised.  He had his theory about the trade. "If you look at it, left field is open," said Kelly.  "I think they're looking to build up the team and win right away. Left field is open and I think they can [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: Which New York Yankees Extra Starter »

With the additions of Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda, the New York Yankees have a nice problem on their hands, and that is the fact that they have too many starting pitchers. For the fifth slot in their rotation, it comes down to A.J. Burnett, Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia.General manager Brian Cashman has already stated he's looking to further [...]

New York Yankees: What Cecil Fielder Earned Trumps »

About one hour before the approach of the 1996 trading deadline, the New York Yankees acquired Cecil Fielder from the Detroit Tigers. In return, Ruben Sierra and minor league pitcher Matt Drews joined the Tigers. Fielder had been complaining that he wanted to play for a contending team. The Yankees were leading the second place Baltimore Orioles [...]

New York Yankees: Prediction for Each 2012 Yankees »

Like most other years, the Yankees will be among the top teams in the AL. With stars up and down the lineup, it should be an exciting year once again.The Yankees will look to add to their trophy case in the upcoming season, and with the recent offseason shake-ups, they should be in the mix as usual.In the following slides, I will predict the stats [...]

New York Yankees: Sorry Yankee Fans, Jorge Posada Is »

It's always easy to get caught up in all the sentimental hoopla when a beloved player retires or moves on.  There is no doubt that Jorge Posada is one of the most popular Yankees of our generation, and being one of the home-grown "core four" along with Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte makes him even more special in the eyes of [...]

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