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Best from Around the Yankees Blogosphere »

It’s that time of the week when I point out some of the best from around the Yankees blogosphere because even though I’d like to believe people only read Bronx Baseball Daily, there are other great blogs out there. So I’ll take a couple of minutes to point out some of the best from the rest. First, I should probably point out a [...]

10 Questions the Yankees Will Face In 2010 »

The Yankees are fresh off a World Series championship.  They have no steroid-scandal distractions, no major injuries, and all but about two or three spots of the roster have been solidified.  Yes, things are good for the Bombers. However, the Yankees have issues that could flare up this season.  I’ll try to address the 10 [...]

Robinson Cano: Best New York Yankee Second Baseman »

New York Yankee Brian Cashman was quoted in today's New York Daily News as saying that Robinson Cano has a chance to make a name for himself that people will remember forever. Cashman predicted that Cano has the chance to win batting crowns, MVPs, and implied that he could have a Hall of Fame career. What came to mind is whether Robinson Cano is [...]

Jamie Hoffmann Not Out Yet, Marcus Thames Can Opt Out »

In an article about the Yankees outfield depth beyond their starters , I made the assumption that Marcus Thames was going to make the team and made it seem like the only way Jamie Hoffmann would stick with the team is if the Yankees worked out a trade with the Dodgers to keep the Rule 5 pick. I shouldn’t have done that because while Thames [...]

Character Issues with Carl Crawford? »

Among the possible free agents in next year’s class that fans have their eye on is left fielder Carl Crawford , but unlike somebody like Cliff Lee, fans are not unanimous in their support for Crawford. Many say that he won’t leave Tampa, so why bother worrying. Some fear that 2008 was an indication that he won’t be worth the money, and most [...]

Arhur Rhodes Continues to Help Yankees »

One player who has contributed a lot to the Yankees success over the years, but has been overlooked, is lefty reliever Arthur Rhodes. Don’t believe me? In 82 career innings against the Yankees, Rhodes has a 7.46 ERA, a 1.76 WHIP, and a .294 BAA. Now he’s helping the Yankees in a more indirect way—he’s helping AJ Burnett work on his [...]

Decoding the Language of Alex Rodriguez »

In every interview with Alex Rodriguez, there's always at least one moment where I shake my head in disbelief and think to myself, "My God, what a goober." It's become a cherished part of my Yankee fan experience these past six years. Here's how it goes: Reporter asks A-Rod question. A-Rod squints his eyes (this indicates that he's listening [...]

Just a Glimpse of the Great Lou Gehrig »

In 1927 the New York Yankees won the World Series. Their lineup was called Murderers' Row, and featured the likes of Tony Lazzeri, Earle Combs, and Bob Meusel. Of course, in 1927 Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs, setting a record that would last for 34 years. Babe also hit 29 doubles, eight triples (believe it or not), and drove in 164 runs that [...]

Ranking the Outfield Depth of the Yankees »

The Yankees are starting the 2010 season with only two locks in their outfield ,and a long list of outfielders—many of which will not make the Bronx roster, and instead will be in Scranton. The locks are Nick Swisher in right and Curtis Granderson in center, or maybe left. After that it is anyone’s guess. Brett Gardner seems like the [...]

Will Brett Gardner Hold Fantasy Baseball Value in »

With Johnny Damon heading out of town, it appears that the Yankees are primed to hand an outfield job to Brett Gardner.  Does he have the potential to be a viable fantasy option?  It’s doubtful, but let’s take a look:   2009 Statistics 248 At-Bats .270 Batting Average (67 Hits) 3 Home Runs 23 RBI 48 Runs 26 Stolen Bases .345 On Base [...]

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