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Sunday June 16th 2024


New York Yankees’ Top Free Agent, Trade Targets Post New Year

calendar may have flipped to 2017, but we're still a couple of cold months away from baseball. That's actually good news (hear me out) for many MLB clubs with unfinished items on their to-do lists.

Like, say, the New York Yankees, who have holes to plug in the starting rotation, the bullpen and behind the dish.

Let's examine a few realistic trade and free-agent targets, with the key word being "realistic." Not all of these deals will go down, but they're tied to credible rumors—or at least informed speculation—and a sense of the Yankees' needs and resources.

They could hypothetically use Mark Trumbo's pop, for example, but he's not in the budgetary plans. Plus, where would they put him?

We'll begin with a veteran ...

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