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Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman Deal Opens Door to Epic »

What? Did you think the New York Yankees were going to steer clear of star players all winter? Guess again, friend. The Yankees have gone and acquired a rather big star. In so doing, they have set their immediate future up for quite a bit of intrigue. As Jack Curry of the YES Network was first to report, the Yankees struck a deal with the [...]

Aroldis Chapman to Yankees: Latest Trade Details, »

At one point, closer Aroldis Chapman appeared destined for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Investigations into an alleged domestic violence incident, however, squashed those plans and forced the Cincinnati Reds to pivot. Now, Chapman is headed to the New York Yankees in a trade first reported by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and Jon Heyman of CBS [...]

Are Yankees Setting Stage for Colossal Spending in »

Are you sitting there wondering why the New York Yankees haven't seemed interested in building for 2016 this winter? Here's a potential spoiler: It might be because they have their eyes on what's coming after 2018. It's not because the Yankees don't have needs in the here and now. They snagged some outfield depth and a solid second baseman in [...]

Starlin Castro Trade Is High-Reward Risk Yankees Can »

The New York Yankees have taken a second base situation that impressed nobody and have addressed it with a trade that doesn't seem to be satisfying everybody. But if you're among those who are on the fence, rest assured. The Yankees have had worse ideas. If you're just now joining us, the Yankees acquired second baseman Starlin Castro in a trade [...]

How the Yankees Can Come out of the Winter Meetings as »

For years, the New York Yankees won the winter the traditional way. They bought it. The Yankees are different now, and if you didn't believe it when they wouldn't enter the bidding for David Price or Zack Greinke, perhaps you will when you hear (per Joel Sherman of the New York Post) that they never bid on Jeff Samardzija, either. Maybe they're [...]

Starlin Castro vs. Rob Refsnyder: Who Should Be »

The guy who used to play there isn't a realistic option, but the New York Yankees clearly need something at second base. As opposed to the, you know, nothing they've gotten out of the position since Robinson Cano left town two years ago. As far as their options go, it's obviously a choice between Starlin Castro and Rob Refsnyder. Or so [...]