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MLB Rumors: Who Are the Yankees Going To Overpay Next? »

With rumors swirling around Cliff Lee (will he stay in Texas, will he go?), it's not all doom and gloom for the New York Yankees if they don't land him. Especially when you have millions and millions of dollars to shove in players' faces.With that in mind, Here are the Top 10 players that the Yankees could potentially overpay to get what they want [...]

The Brett Gardner Decision: Why the Yankees Are Right »

A year ago, Yankees fans were in an uproar regarding Brian Cashman’s decision to take a pass on free agent outfield slugger Matt Holliday, instead opting to go with the speedy Brett Gardner in left field for the 2010 season.  The reasoning, so he claimed?  Simple.  Tampa Bay’s Carl Crawford would be a free agent at [...]

Derek Jeter: Yankees and Jeter To Meet, Will Brian »

It is being reported by Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal that Derek Jeter and his agent Casey Close will meet with the New York Yankee officials in Tampa, Florida. These negotiations have gone on long enough and things have certainly gotten ugly. Maybe a deal can finally get done. Jeter and Close have been looking for a deal in the range of five years, [...]

Zack Greinke: Kansas City Royals Talking To New York »

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Kansas City Royals may be putting their ace pitcher on the market this off-season in hopes of getting a large return. Among the teams that have been interested in Zach Greinke's services are the New York Yankees.  While currently focused on signing free-agent Cliff Lee, the Yankees might make a run at [...]

MLB Rumors: Cliff Lee Now Becomes Yankees Top Target, »

It's the end of November, and the Yankees have stalled with their negotiations with Derek Jeter and his agent, Casey Close. So now it looks like they are putting the negotiations with Jeter on hold to go after the biggest prize on the free agent market that they have coveted since last winter. According to the New York Post's George King, there [...]

MLB Rumors: 10 Shortstops Who Could Replace Yankees »

For the first time in his career, Derek Jeter is a free agent.Jeter's ten year 189 million dollar contract is up, and while just weeks ago it seemed impossible that Jeter would sign anywhere else, negotiations between Jeter and the Yankees have turned ugly.Jeter wants five or six years, and 120+ million dollars. He wants to be paid like Alex [...]

Derek Jeter Free Agency: Will Troy Tulowitzki Deal »

It would be interesting to know what Derek Jeter thinks of today's news with Troy Tulowitzki. The Colorado Rockies' All-Star shortstop is reportedly set to sign a seven-year, $134 million extension through the 2020 season, according to the Denver Post. Tulowitzki, 26, has already distinguished himself as one of the game's bright young [...]

MLB Rumors: If Derek Jeter Leaves, the Yankees Will Go »

Via Buster Olney of ESPN (second link): "Sources: Yanks expect to be back, but they have identified their Plan B if he isn’t—Eduardo Nunez. The 23-year-old SS would be given the opportunity to win the SS job in spring, rather than the Yankees immediately pursuing a veteran like Orlando Cabrera." This is obviously a less than ideal [...]

New York Yankees: Get Derek Jeter Signed, Otherwise »

As you may, scratch that, ALREADY have heard, the talks between the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter have "gotten heated".  Insults have been said, and other things each side wishes they hadn't done has been released in the press.  Many New York media outlets and reporters are congratulating the Steinbrenners and GM Brian Cashman for not [...]

MLB Rumors: Cliff Lee Better Than Derek Jeter for the »

The New York Yankees' two biggest free agent targets this season are most definitely long-time shortstop Derek Jeter and star pitcher Cliff Lee.  It seems unlikely that they'll sign both, so in the hypothetical case that they only sign one, which will be more valuable to the team? In my mind, there's not even a question about this—Cliff [...]

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