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MLB Hot Stove: Why New York Yankees Fans Should Choose »

With each passing day, this seemingly solid and prosperous marriage between Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees seems to be on the verge of divorce. No doubt the two are more perfect as a union, as I don’t know one baseball fan that can imagine either surviving without the other. Whose side are you going to choose TEAM JETER or TEAM [...]

Why Derek Jeter Is Overrating His Importance To the »

Captain Clutch is no more. Derek Jeter entered this season an elite shortstop, but proved in the end why he is no longer worth the money. The former rookie of the year, two time Hank Aaron award recipient, four time Silver Slugger, six time Gold Glover, and once a World Series MVP had a dismal season. His batting average dropped to .270, and [...]

Hot Stove Tracker: How the 2010 MLB Offseason Is »

With free agency now in full force, there seem to be a select number of elite players up for grabs. Of course, we all know Cliff Lee is a free agent, but who else is out there, and what's their story? Everyone expected the Yankees to be a player in re-signing players, but there seems to be more difficulty in returning players. Derek Jeter, the [...]

Dear Brian Cashman: If Derek Jeter Goes, So Does This »

One of my favorite pictures is of my brother, dad and I sitting together on the couch on Father's Day with our Yankee hats on and watching the game. In the picture, my brother is about three, I'm five and my dad is absolutely beaming with joy. My brother, who happens to be named after a former Yankee team captain, now has two kids of his own, and [...]

New York Yankees Fans: Que Pasa, Derek Jeter? »

John Lennon once sang, "New York City...back in New York City...New York City...Que pasa, New York?...Que pasa, New York?" Lennon wrote that song in a tribute to his new hometown when he moved in September 1971 with Yoko Ono from Ole England. It was in the same city that never sleeps where he was murdered on December 8, 1980, three weeks after [...]

New York Yankees Have To Give Derek Jeter Whatever He »

       Will he’ll be the third best shortstop on the team in a couple years?  Sure.  Don’t his career numbers make him a rich man’s Craig Biggio?  Of course.  But the Yankees need Derek Jeter as much as the Yankee captain needs the pinstripes.  The Yankees are built on quiet [...]

MLB Hot Stove: Why New York Yankees Fans Should Choose »

No one suspected that New York Yankee captain Derek Jeter’s contract negotiations would start to resemble a page out of the Alex Rodriguez biography. The new Yankee regime sans “the Boss” has made it very clear that this is a business decision and not a personal one. The rumored offer made was somewhere in $45-$50 million range [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Reasons The Yankees Should Pursue »

As baseball's offseason heats up, one of the more intriguing names on the market is former No. 1 overall pick and current Arizona Diamondback outfielder, Justin Upton.Numerous teams are interested in the very young and talented outfielder and, as usual, one of the teams to make an inquiry is the New York Yankees. Although the Yankees do not have [...]

25 Overrated Teams That Stuffed Themselves With Talent »

We've got a list of 25 overrated teams that were perhaps too stuffed with talent to succeed as they should have in preparation for the stuffed feeling that you will inevitably be dealing with on Turkey Day.Yes sir, there's some good ones on this list. From teams that ended up spending way too much money for too few wins, to Olympic teams that [...]

New York Yankees: Derek Jeter Should Get Paid in »

Even though Derek Jeter didn’t have his best year from a hitting perspective, he still brought the same thing that he brings every year: team, heart and intuition.  His qualities assert him as the top shortstop in the game, even with the average not speaking to volume in the regular season. When a player contributes the type of years [...]

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