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New York Yankees: Will Robinson Cano’s Career »

You could make a case for CC Sabathia and possibly Mariano Rivera, but it is clear that Robinson Cano is and has been the MVP of the New York Yankees all year, but will his success at the plate continue when it counts the most, the postseason? Cano has always been a highly praised prospect and player in the Yankees organization, with even Don [...]

New York Yankees Clinch Playoff Berth, Set Up Pitching »

For the 15th time in 16 years, the Yankees are going to the playoffs. After CC Sabathia delivered 8.1 innings of one-run ball for his league-leading 21st victory Tuesday night, the Yankees immediately put their postseason plans into motion. The old axiom says you win with pitching and defense, and the Yankees need to do some juggling to line up [...]

Derek Jeter Can Extend His Career If He Leaves »

The twilight years of any legendary athlete's career are often filled with hilarious hyperbole from fans and sports analysts. When a player reaches a certain age, which varies based on the sport he or she plays, every year thereafter that player is subjected to intense scrutiny. For example, in 2002, when Curtis Martin, at the age of 29, only [...]

New York Yankees: Ramiro Pena or Eduardo Nunez in the »

When looking at the Yankees playoff roster, there are about 21 spots that are locked down already and just a few that are up for grabs. One spot that could make for a good debate is the utility infielder spot, and it comes down to Ramiro Pena or Eduardo Nunez. Pena probably has the upper hand in this battle. He’s been with the team since [...]

New York Yankees Have Issues, But So Do Other Playoff »

The New York Yankees clinched another playoff spot on Tuesday night, beating the Toronto Blue Jays 6-1. The night belonged to ace CC Sabathia, who shut down the heavy hitting Blue Jays bats. Some are tagging the Yankees doomed in the playoffs, as the rotation is having some issues. Still, there are many positives in pinstripes too that tend to get [...]

Andy Pettitte Dealing with Back Issues »

Via the New York Daily News: As if two months on the disabled list with a groin injury weren’t enough, Andy Pettitte has been dealing with some minor back problems this week. Pettitte’s back stiffened up on him during Friday’s start against the Red Sox, in which he allowed seven runs in 3.1 innings. Pettitte said he was [...]

NY Yankees: Derek Jeter Returning To Form In Time For »

2010 season has represented unfamiliar territory for Yankee fans. For the first time in his distinguished 16-year career, Derek Jeter has struggled mightily with the bat for significant portions of the season. Generally regarded as one of the top offensive shortstops baseball has ever seen, the Yankee captain has thus far been a shadow of his [...]

New York Yankees’ Javquez Bombs in Final Start »

It wasn’t exactly the b-squad starting for the Yankees, but they did rest a few of their regulars as Javier Vazquez got bombed by the Blue Jays en route to a 8-4 loss the day after they clinched a playoff spot. Here are some highlights: Vazquez got the start over Andy Pettitte, who is being rested for the playoffs. Javy couldn’t even [...]

Dez Bryant and 10 Famous Athletes Who Got Swindled »

This week, Roy Williams finally got his revenge on rookie Dez Bryant for refusing to carry his pads during training camp.Williams invited the entire defense out to a dinner for the offense and the Cowboys went to town on Bryant's tab, racking up $54,896 at a local steakhouse. Now that's a hefty tab.With that in mind, here are 10 athletes who had [...]

2010 MLB Playoffs: Ranking the Top 25 Postseason »

Say what you want about the problems with MLB's current playoff system. You can bemoan the addition of the Wild Card, or whine about how home field advantage for the World Series is determined by the All-Star Game, or complain that a best-of-five series is a poor way to determine which of two good teams is superior.But when the first round kicks [...]

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