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Javy Vazquez Loses More than Game…A Roster Spot »

After clinching a playoff berth on Tuesday, Yankees' manager Joe Girardi did a little rearranging in his pitching rotation. The Yankees pushed scheduled starter Andy Pettitte back until Friday, likely lining him up better for the postseason. Taking Pettitte’s turn in the rotation was the inconsistent Javier Vazquez. The righty had a chance [...]

A.J. Burnett Needs To Ride the Pine If Yankees Hope To »

Two years ago the Yankees spent $82.5 million to acquire the talents of Allen James Burnett to fill the secondary spot in their rotation behind that of ace C.C Sabathia. The acquisition was a risky one mostly due to two factors; Burnett’s frequent visits to the disabled list during his career, and his inability to live up to the talent that [...]

The Yankees Punch Their Ticket To the Dance Once Again »

Remember that movie Thinner?It was based on a novel by Stephen King, in which an obese family man commits a hit-and-run, only the victim is the daughter of a witch, or a wizard, or a gypsy. Listen, 1996 was a long time ago.Anyway, the witch/wizard/gypsy casts a hex on the fatty—"You keeel my daughter, and I curse you, [...]

New York Yankees Clinch Playoff Spot »

The Yankees beat the Blue Jays 6-1 in Toronto last night behind a strong performance from their ace CC Sabathia to clinch at least a wild-card spot in the American League. Here are some highlights: The Yankees drove in all six runs without the benefit of a hit: Three sac flies, a pair of groundout RBI, and a bases-loaded walk. Derek Jeter and [...]

Texas Rangers: 10 Reasons They Can Beat the NY Yankees »

With their thrilling 4-3 victory over the A's in Oakland on Saturday, the Texas Rangers have finally made their long-awaited return to baseball's promised land, earning their first postseason berth since 1999.While it was nearly a foregone conclusion that they would eventually clinch the AL West, considering their significant division lead, [...]

Why the New York Yankees Should Be Seriously Concerned »

Even as the defending champion Yankees finish a season that will see them win well over 90 games and possibly a division title, this team is hardly invincible and cannot even be considered on the same level as last year's juggernaut. The first and most glaring difference between this team and last is a serious lack of depth in the rotation. While [...]

2010 MLB Playoffs: Yankees Can and Should Avoid Using »

Since 1920, 391 Yankees pitchers have had a seasonal ERA of at least 5.30. Of all those pitchers, no pitcher has been allowed to pitch as many innings as A.J. Burnett. Why? Because Burnett is on a five-year deal, and he is making $16.5 million this season. Essentially, he is here to stay. It is mentally very difficult to waste $16.5 million [...]

New York Yankees Notes: C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, »

The Yankees have the Big Man on the hill tonight going up against highly touted rookie Kyle Drabek. The Yankees can at times struggle against lefties, but CC Sabathia owns the Blue Jays. They can clinch with a win tonight or if the White Sox beat the Red Sox. Here are some notes: CC is starting tonight only because the Yankees didn’t [...]

Mariano Rivera Fixed Mechanical Issues »

Via the NY Post: When arrived at Rogers Centre yesterday well ahead of most of his teammates, he sat down with the Yankees pitching coach and watched film of his recent outings. After showing Rivera that his grip unintentionally had slid toward the side of the ball from the usual on-top position, Eiland escorted Rivera to the [...]

The New York Yankees Current September Finish: »

It's been a while since I have posted an article on Bleacher Report, and as the Yankees Community Leader and Featured Columnist, I do sincerely apologize. Working a full time job almost six or seven days a week while trying to save for a wedding can take its toll on a person. But that was then, this is now. I am back! Now, onto the defending [...]

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