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Friday June 14th 2024


Why the New York Yankees Should Be Seriously Concerned Heading into the Playoffs

as the defending champion Yankees finish a season that will see them win well over 90 games and possibly a division title, this team is hardly invincible and cannot even be considered on the same level as last year's juggernaut.

The first and most glaring difference between this team and last is a serious lack of depth in the rotation.

While CC Sabathia has had a Cy Young-quality season, he has been without any support in the rotation for months with no real signs of a turnaround out there.

The pressure on CC to win his starts will only increase, as he will be matched up with the likes of Cliff Lee, David Price, and Roy Halladay throughout the playoffs.

After CC is where the questions begin. Without sugarcoating it, A.J. ...

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