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What Awaits Yankees? An Opportunity Of A Lifetime »

Okay, New York Yankees; you now have the best record in baseball; you have 50 come-from-behind victories; you have a clubhouse full of likable players who seem to enjoy playing with and for each other, and, beginning next week, what does it all mean? Absolutely nothing. Not to take anything away from the fabulous season that the Yankees have put [...]

Who Should The Yankees Root For While The Twins and »

It doesn't seem like the Yankees care about anything other than winning at this point. Since clinching home field advantage for the entire postseason, they haven't lost a game and continue to look great. However, things aren't set in stone in the American League Central. The Tigers hold a two game lead over the Twins, but the two teams face off [...]

A Wake-Up Call to Sports Team Haters »

Throughout this year and years past I have, as a Yankee fan, been subject to a ton of misguided hatred towards my favorite baseball team. This usually makes me angry and argumentative. I have written countless comments in defense of the Yankees, ex-Yankee players, and Yankee ownership. The thing that really makes me sick however, is when people [...]

Bill Bevens’ Last Pitch in the Major Leagues »

It was an unforgettable game that has almost been forgotten. Floyd "Bill" Bevens started Game Four of the 1947 World Series for the New Yankees at Ebbets Field against Brooklyn's rookie sensation, Harry Taylor, but there is more to the story. Taylor went 10-5 during the season, but he had torn a tendon in his pitching elbow. He still started for [...]

Report Cards: Grading the Yankee Season »

First off, I would just like to say congratulations to the New York Yankees on their AL East Division Championship. It is well earned and well deserved. As another Frank Sinatra song says, "And now, the end is near," so it is time to see who performed well and who underperformed. Here is my individual grading for each of the Yanks' seasons. Let's [...]

10 Random Sports Thoughts To Free My Mind Of Clutter »

As I rose out of my bed on this great Wednesday morning that featured cloudy skies and rain, my mind felt cluttered with sports thoughts. It was almost like that Bing commercial when the guy is lying down for bed, and as his wife asks him questions, he keeps answering with these random thoughts that he saw as he searched the Internet. They [...]

Bright Lights, Big Quandary: Who Should be on N.Y. »

Now that the Yankees have clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs, they can sit back and wait to see whether they'll be playing Detroit or Minnesota in the American League Division Series. Once that's decided, New York will have one hour to choose if they want to play a longer eight-day ALDS beginning on Wednesday or a shorter [...]

A Royals’ Disaster: Don’t Blame Kyle »

The Yankees won their 102nd game of the season last night and will easily have the best record in baseball this year, for whatever that's worth. They sent the Royals reeling to their 94th loss of the year, which is no small feat considering that they've got the best pitcher (Zach Grienke) and one of the best closers in the league (Joakim Soria), [...]

102 and Rising: Yanks Reunite with Krazy Kyle »

As the great PeteAbe leaves Yankee Universe for browner pastures in Boston, it was nice to have the not-so-great Kyle Farnsworth remind us that some things never change. It's all about the simple pleasures as the Yankees play out the string in advance of next Wednesday's ALDS opener. Farnsworth, whose incompetence yielded the creation of the Kyle [...]

Juan Miranda Gets Yankees 15th Walk-Off Hit In 4-3 Win »

Home field advantage. It's playing a major factor in every game the Yankees play at the new Yankee Stadium. Tuesday night's game was no different. Before the game started, the Yankees held a pre-game ceremony to honor Derek Jeter for his 2,722th hit to break the all-time Yankee record and Mariano Rivera for getting 500 saves back in June. Former [...]

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