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Monday July 6th 2020


10 Random Sports Thoughts To Free My Mind Of Clutter

I rose out of my bed on this great Wednesday morning that featured cloudy skies and rain, my mind felt cluttered with sports thoughts. It was almost like that Bing commercial when the guy is lying down for bed, and as his wife asks him questions, he keeps answering with these random thoughts that he saw as he searched the Internet. They called it, "search overload." I call it, "sports overload." Here is what my bing commercial would be like: Girlfriend: "Hunny, did you search for that hotel information in New York?" Me: "New York. Where dreams happen. Find Facebook friends in the New York area. Mark Sanchez is the best rookie QB of 2009. Rex Ryan is in control of that team. Look at Eli Manning." Girlfriend: "What the Hell is wrong with you?" Me: "Click here to ...

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