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Top Pitcher “Phil-Ins” for the New York »

It is very troubling to hear that Phil Hughes may have thoracic outlet syndrome, which will likely end his season. Many have bounced back from this career-changing injury (Kenny Rogers and Matt Harrison), and some have not (Jeremy Bonderman). Let's hope Hughes' injury is not too serious, and he comes back to full form soon.For now, [...]

New York Yankees: Top 10 Performers »

This is a slideshow on the top 10 Yankee performers right now.  Keep in mind that the entire show is not based on past seasons' performances.  It is only based on the future, which I think is the most relevant tool that we can look to at this point.  Thus, don't be surprised if you see some major names kept off of this list.Begin [...]

New York Yankees-Blue Jays Preview: Starters Look to »

The Yankees' rotation has been on fire of late, turning in seven straight quality starts and allowing just eight earned runs over the past 50 innings for a 1.44 ERA.That streak should be tested this weekend as the first-place Bombers battle the Blue Jays, one of the better offensive teams in baseball.Let's take a look at the pitching matchups for [...]

New York Yankees: Some Good Advice to GM Brian Cashman »

All those who are New York Yankee fans remember the frustration we felt with the stupid Joba Rules a couple of years ago. For those who may not remember, the Yankee brass, led by general manager Brian Cashman, decided they were going to limit the number of innings Joba Chamberlain would pitch as a starter. Joba had been a starting pitcher in [...]

New York Yankees: Maybe the Offseason Wasn’t »

So this past winter, the Yankees off-season plan was built mainly around the signing of Cliff Lee.When he turned down a guaranteed seven-year deal for somewhere around $158 million from the Yankees to return to the Philadelphia Phillies for a five-year deal for about $125 million, many fans didn't know what the Yankees next move would be.In fact, [...]

MLB Trade Ideas: 5 Reasons the Yankees and Angels Are »

The Los Angeles Angels currently have the fourth-highest payroll in Major League Baseball. This is uncharted territory for a team not known to spend big. On the other hand, the Yankees have always had a huge payroll. The team generates a tremendous amount of money and they can pay players more than most teams in baseball. The Yankees have a [...]

A Petition to J. Thomas Schieffer and Major League »

Dear J. Thomas Schieffer and Major League Baseball,  The undersigned hereby petition you to award the Giants fan that was put into a coma, Bryan Stow, the full funds needed for recovery from the Dodgers’ coffers who did not provide adequate security. As a witness and attendee to the Opening Night game, I hereby testify and can confirm [...]

New York Yankee Fans: More Reasons Not to Trade for »

Discussions have continued since the failure of the New York Yankees to land Cliff Lee in the offseason that the Yankees must trade for an ace starting pitcher. Most Yankee fans salivate about the possibility of getting Cy Young winner, Felix Hernandez from the hapless Seattle Mariners. Let's take a look at how significant a Cy Young winner or [...]

New York Yankees: Rafael Soriano’s Excuses Are »

New York Yankees fans enter every season with larger than life expectations. With the most storied franchise in sports, it's easy to understand why.Every offseason acquistion is the best available; every trade rumor involves the biggest names.Yes, it's safe to say that Yankees fans expect the best and have often received it.It was no different [...]

Derek Jeter and for the Love of the Fist Pump »

I don’t know if you guys caught the preview of Ian O’Connor’s book, The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter, on ESPN, but it provided a really interesting glimpse into the strained relationship between Brian Cashman and the Yankees’ All-Star shortstop.  You should read the whole piece; it offers insight on [...]

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