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New York Yankees: Pitching Turns a Corner, but Offense »

When the White Sox came into the Bronx, they were going through a stretch where they lost nine of their last 10 games and averaged less than two runs per game.  On the other hand, the Yankees were firing on all cylinders, having just scored 21 runs in two games against Baltimore. The White Sox continue to struggle at the plate but have been [...]

New York Yankees: Rafael Soriano, Bullpen Fail Yet »

In what is quickly becoming a disturbing trend, the Yankee bullpen blew up yet again.  While Rafael Soriano has been the poster boy of bullpen futility, Joba Chamberlain has seen his fair share of bullpen mishaps and even the great Mariano Rivera has blown two consecutive saves. The highly talked about and ridiculously expensive trio designed [...]

Russell Martin: Why Yankees’ Surprise Star May »

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman has had a bull’s eye on his chest since before I can remember—both from opposing fans attacking his spending habits and impatient fans attacking any missed opportunity. Though many criticisms of his pitching decisions are warranted, his ability to make moves without writing the big check has been [...]

Derek Jeter: Unauthorized Biography Reveals Little »

Recently, the New York Post ran some excerpts from an unauthorized biography of Derek Jeter. Since the book has not yet been published, it is impossible to determine if the author did a hatchet job on the New York Yankees' captain or if the tabloid, continuing its consistency in presenting the worst in people, cherry-picked the negative.Author [...]

New York Yankees’ Lineup in Need of a New Lead »

A mere two weeks into the season and the Yankees have been bombing away to score runs.That is good for the regular season, but if the Yankees make the playoffs, they will need better performance from their leadoff hitters. Brett Gardner looks lost and confused. Brett, who likes to work the count, is working himself to the bench very quickly. So [...]

New York Yankees: Can They Pay Any Price for Felix »

On WFAN and YES today, Mike Francesca said that the New York Yankees should put together a trade for Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners. King Felix is regarded by many baseball experts as among the top three or four pitchers in all of baseball. He won the American League Cy Young last year and finished second in 2009 on a really bad [...]

America’s Pastime: 20 Reasons Why Baseball Will »

Baseball is in every way perfect; there are no flaws in the sport.  Everything flows together perfectly.  It is built around God's favorite shape, a diamond, and the rest is covered by the most incredible grass on the planet.  Nothing beats sitting in your favorite ballpark, watching your favorite team on a hot, sunny day, with a [...]

New York Yankees: Phil Hughes Takes a Step Backwards »

Phil Hughes went through another bullpen session this afternoon as he and the Yankee's pitching staff try to diagnose what is going on with his "dead arm." Today was crucial in the rehabbing process because if things went well and his arm responded favorably, a minor league spot start was next in line this week. The long-toss program was supposed [...]

Ranking Derek Jeter and the 12 Other New York Yankees »

The New York Yankees have had 13 captains in their history.  One captaincy lasted for five days, two were captains at the same time and two captaincies were cut short due to tragedy.  Most held the title for no longer than three seasons. Being named the New York Yankees Captain is considered among the highest honors you can [...]

New York Yankees: Derek Jeter Is Not the Captain You »

Courtesy of Yankees 'n More There is a GREAT read from Ken Davidoff up on Newsday.com right now. It's a blog post, so you get to read it for free!Davidoff talks about how New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, while playing catch with Robinson Cano, called New York Post reporter George King to the side Sunday to talk about a new book coming out. [...]

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