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MLB All-Hothead Team: The Most Controversial Player at »

Some players are known as much for their antics, as their brilliance. As much as many fans would deny it, there are few things more entertaining in baseball than a batter charging the mound.The fight between the Red Sox and Yankees in which Pedro Martinez tackled Don Zimmer has nearly 100,000 views on youtube. That's the stuff people watch over [...]

New York Yankees: Offseason Shows They Don’t »

It’s hard not to hate the New York Yankees. With 27 World Series titles and the ability to sign any top-notch player of their choice, the New York Yankees is a team everybody loves to hate. Having the highest payroll in baseball of $196,854,630, it is no wonder why the Yankees have been so victorious in the past. Known for pulling out their [...]

Mariano Rivera: No Panic Needed Over Consecutive Blown »

Yesterday, Mariano Rivera recorded his second blown save in as many chances.  However, as Andrew Marchand of ESPN points out, it's nothing new, especially in April. While you never want to see your closer blow any save, let alone consecutive ones, just remember he saved seven in a row to start the season. Yes, Mariano is 41 years old, so [...]

MLB Power Rankings: 15 Players That Hear the »

When a baseball team is on a road trip, which players hear boos from the crowd the most?  Which players get booed so much their own fans even join in? Why does a player get booed?  Is it simply because of the team they're on or is it just because of the person they are? Here are the 15 baseball players I believe hear the boos [...]

New York Yankees: Top Ten Teams That Can Stand in the »

The road to the World Series consists of heated division battles, intense rivalries and several short series in which anything can happen. Any major league team is capable of beating another on a given day, or even in a given series. These are the 10 teams—loosely listed in order—that I think have the greatest chance of standing in the [...]

Hank Aaron, Roger Maris and Lou Gehrig: Their Records »

Alex Rodriguez hit the 22nd grand slam home run of his career on Saturday, snapping a tie with Manny Ramirez. A-Rod is one slam away from tying Lou Gehrig for the most career grand slams.A-Rod has admitted to using performance enhancing substances. Manny Ramirez has used them, too.In 2001, Barry Bonds broke Mark McGwire's single season record [...]

Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees Slugger on Pace for »

60 home runs and 225 RBI over a two-year stretch may be considered career years for an ordinary MLB player, but when you're Alex Rodriguez they are thought of as down years. Hampered by constant hip injuries, Rodriguez just didn't seem like the three-time AL MVP and had many thinking he was on the decline. However when he reported to spring [...]

Fantasy Baseball Buy Low or Ignore: Can Jorge Posada »

Moving out from behind the plate and working exclusively as the Yankees DH, Jorge Posada was supposed to be fantasy gold.  Despite being 39 years old, a player with his upside, coupled with being eligible at catcher…people were drooling over the potential for him to produce massive power while playing every day. The power has been [...]

New York Yankees: Losing to the Pirates in 1960 Was »

There is nothing better than winning the World Series and there is nothing worse than losing it, but despite the fact that nothing hurts more than losing the final game of the season, some World Series defeats are worse than others.In 1963, the New York Yankees lost four consecutive games to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Yankees never had a [...]

New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter: End of an Era or »

I’m not a sabermetrics guy. Instead of numbers and formulas, I prefer to rely on what I glimpse with my own two eyes, and judge what I see not with a calculator but with instincts that have been honed through a lifetime of watching baseball. For the last year, sabermetrics supporters and analysts have been saying that Derek Jeter is done. I [...]

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