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New York Yankees: Derek Jeter’s Contract Far »

Courtesy of Yankees 'n More Caught this New York Post story Tuesday morning about New York Yankees setup man Rafael Soriano and his aversion to cold weather, which makes him just like every other baseball player in the history of the sport. What caught my eye in this story was this line from Brian Costello: "The Yankees cannot afford for this [...]

New York Yankees: Jorge Posada’s Odd Start to »

Many Yankee fans and fantasy owners have been down on Jorge Posada's start to the 2011 season. Posada's start is one of the more baffling and unlucky starts that I have seen. He is currently batting .163 with a .283 OBP and .512 SLG and is currently tied for third in baseball with five home runs.It would be a mistake for these fantasy owners and [...]

MLB Power Rankings: All Franchises Based on Success »

The time period of 1920-1960 is what many consider the Golden Age of baseball.  Which franchises were the most successful during this time?  I've previously covered the period of pre-1920, so now we can see what franchises dropped back in the rankings and which ones have risen to prominence. As before, the rankings are based on a point [...]

MLB Power Rankings: Yankee Stadium’s “Roll »

It's a wonderful thing baseball is back.  After a long cold winter, we can finally get back to spring time, warmth, and baseball.Now that we can enjoy our pastime again, we can get back to the traditions that we practice for every baseball game.  Sure different teams have different traditions, but these traditions bind us from one [...]

New York Yankees Fans: How’s the Starting »

Within a few days of the end of the 2010 World Series, a contest in which most Yankee fans had no more than a passing interest, thoughts turned to 2011 and how our favorite team could return to glory. We were certain that success could be pinned to an improved pitching staff. No longer would we have to sit on pins and needles as Javy Vazquez drove [...]

New York Yankees: Are They Relying Too Heavily on Home »

Through 14 games, the Yankees have already pounded out a franchise-record 27 home runs, the most in the Majors by a wide margin. The Reds are five behind despite playing one more game, and the Indians and Rangers are tied for  second in the American League, all the way back at 19. New York leads the AL East with a record of 9-5, but will the [...]

New York Yankees: The 1927 Club and the Top 15 Teams »

With 27 World Championships, the New York Yankees have dominated the MLB for nearly 100 years.By employing some of the best hitters in the history of baseball, New York's continuing professionalism mixed with the shear ability to consistently win has become the epitome of their championship swagger.They've made their mark through historic [...]

Cooperstown and Steroids: Where Do You Draw the Line »

As much as Major League Baseball would like to set the issue of steroid use behind them and move on, the debate is here to stay for the foreseeable future.The recent Barry Bonds trial and Manny Ramirez's sudden retirement due to a second failed drug test further pulled the issue back into the spotlight, and Roger Clemens' trial this summer will [...]

Hot and Cold: Each AL Team’s Most Impressive and »

Just over two weeks into the Major League Baseball season and we have already seen our fair share of surprises from clubs like the Indians and Royals off to hot starts, along with teams like the struggling Tigers and Red Sox. No matter who you are cheering for, you either have your hopes set for the skies or are panicking that your [...]

New York Yankees: Bartolo Colon in Rotation After Phil »

Last night, we saw Phil Hughes start for the third time and get whacked around by the Orioles. We then saw Bartolo Colon come in and attempt to clean up a mess Hughes made in the game. According to ESPN's Ian Begley, following the third horrible start for Hughes, he will now be placed on the disabled list with what New York Yankees manager Joe [...]

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