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Yankees vs. Red Sox: Top 10 Pinstripe Victories of the »

Let me start off with a fair warning to you readers: if you're a Red Sox fan, this probably isn't the article for you. It's just a bit biased towards the Yankees and it might just put you in a bad mood. So just move on.It's no secret that the Yankees and Red Sox engage in some exhausting affairs, with the average game running around four hours. [...]

New York Yankees: Turmoil After Yanks Won the 1977 »

I rushed home in order to see some of the celebration I had been waiting 15 years to happen. It was not exactly what I had expected. The 1963, 1964 and 1976 seasons don't count. George Steinbrenner-type New York Yankees fans would forget those years if they could. Losing the World Series and having a successful season don't go together. The 1977 [...]

Mel Allen: A True New York Yankee »

Many years ago, a cable station named Sportschannel carried about 40 New York Yankees' games each season. The announcer was Mel Allen. "Hello, everybody, this is Mel Allen!" is the way he would greet his listeners, either at the start of the broadcast or after taking over for a colleague who has announced the first portion of the game. In June, [...]

MLB 2011: Roy Halladay, CC Sabathia and the »

 Ah, the silliness and utter despair inherent in war...and Major League Baseball?Yes, even on this horrid, rainy day when other world and domestic problems loom, my mind has been stuck on war, or is it WAR, as it relates to baseball. And it’s not even the pennant wars or even some good old-fashioned beanball wars. Not even the Billy [...]

John Sterling Gone as Yankees Radio Voice?: His »

John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman have been the radio voice of the New York Yankees for years. However, now there are reports that the two may no longer be calling games for the New York Yankees.The duo's return is in doubt because of the fact that the Yankees might not be returning to WCBS-AM. It is not certain where the Yankees will be on the [...]

Jesus Montero: 5 Reasons the Rookie Can Be »

In 1998, 26-year-old RF Shane Spencer joined the Yankees' big club on September 1 and proceeded to hit .421 with eight home runs and 21 RBI, including three grand slams, a record for rookies that still stands today. Granted, Spencer had seen action with the club prior to the rosters expanding (.290 average in 29 at bats), but for all intents and [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball: 5 Ideas to Help You Win in the »

With the MLB regular season quickly winding down, there are scarce days remaining to propel your fantasy baseball team to your league’s championship.  But before the fat lady sings, here are five last-second ideas to help you walk off with the trophy:  1.    Ditch the pitch-and-ditch I know that the [...]

Jorge Posada Can Pull a ‘Ted Williams’ If »

Joe Girardi knows whether or not Jorge Posada will be on the New York Yankees playoff roster. He owes it to Posada to let him know. If Posada will be allowed to continue playing this season, he has no decision to make, but if he will end his season after the Yankees final regular season game, he has a rare opportunity. He should announce that he [...]

Mariano Rivera: A New York Yankees Great That Was »

When speaking of his success with the New York Yankees, Mariano Rivera attributes all of his greatness to God.  It was God that made him great, it was God that gave him his cutter.  Little do most people know, it was almost God that cut Rivera's career short. It's impossible to think about where the Yankees would be without Rivera, [...]

Babe Ruth and Roger Maris Should Be Tied for the »

The 1927 New York Yankees were one of the greatest offensive teams of all time. Known as "Murderers' Row," they batted .307, hit 158 home runs and scored 976 runs or about 6.3 runs a game. The 1961 Yankees of Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Elston Howard, Yogi Berra and Bill Skowron is considered one of the greatest Yankees teams. They set a new [...]

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