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New York Yankees Win 2011 AL East Title with »

Before the 2011 season started, everyone had the Boston Red Sox picked to win the American League East division.Hell, even I picked Boston to win the division back in March.But, coming into Wednesday's doubleheader against the Tampa Bay Rays, another team fighting to get into the postseason, the Yankees had a chance to do two things in one night: [...]

Yankees Playoff Outlook: Why They Need Robertson to »

David Robertson has been brilliant as the setup man for the Yankees this season, posting outstanding numbers and delivering in in the clutch. New York hopes "Houdini" can continue his mastery into the playoffs. He filled the gap between the rest of the staff and Mariano, and he will be called upon numerous times in October.Exactly how dominant is [...]

New York Yankees “Sandman” Mariano Rivera »

“Enter Sandman” blared again over the Yankee Stadium speakers. Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees tipped his cap to the crowd and beamed.The Yankee “stopper” had set a new major league record—602 career saves.Needing just 13 pitches, the storied hurler notched a shutdown ninth inning on September 19th, locking up [...]

Mariano Rivera: 10 Pitchers Possible Replacements as »

Right now, there are three certainties in life: death, taxes and Mariano Rivera.Rivera is nothing short of spectacular, and in the opinion of many, the best pitcher ever.He still dominates after 15 years, using his devastating cutter and pinpoint control to baffle opposing hitters and saws more bats than a french [...]

10 Reasons the New York Yankees Can Win the World »

It seems like forever since Mariano Rivera's subtle fist pump near first base in Game 6 of the 2009 World Series, verifying his fifth title and the Yankees' 27th in franchise history.  It was a fifth for Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte, a group crowned the "Core Four" for their unflappable championship fortitude over the years.Two [...]

The 5 Unsung Heroes of the New York Yankees »

When the majority of experts were asked before the season who the winner of the AL East would be, the answer was becoming redundant.The Boston Red Sox, obviously.Fast-forward to late September, and it's the Yankees on top. Those same experts said the rotation wouldn't hold up, but the surprising performances of Ivan Nova, Bartolo Colon and Freddy [...]

New York Yankees: Is A.J. Burnett Ruining His »

A.J. Burnett was unexpectedly pulled from yesterday's game in the fifth inning. This wasn't an injury, however, as Joe Girardi told the media after yesterday's game."I thought his stuff had clearly changed; that's why I pulled him, It wasn't that I wanted to; I was hoping to get distance out of him. I would've loved to have a complete game, but I [...]

New York Yankees, the Media and Some Fans Questioned »

It started innocently enough and wasn't even reported in the newspapers. In the second game of a twin bill against the Minnesota Twins, on Sunday, June 20, 1965, Roger Maris, sliding into home plate, jammed his right hand against the home plate umpire's shin guard. Roger was in the Yankees' lineup the next few games, but in the nightcap of a [...]

Mariano Rivera and the 15 Best Closers in MLB History »

Mariano Rivera clinched his 602nd career save yesterday when he closed out the Minnesota Twins with a scoreless ninth to seal a 6-4 Yankee victory. It was his 43rd save of the season. But it was just another day for Mariano...well, another of his 602 days, I suppose. But on this day, Mariano Rivera eclipsed the 602 save mark, a mark which no other [...]

Joe Girardi’s Pettiness Cost Baseball Fans an »

Joe Girardi’s actions are inexcusable under any circumstances. He has acted in a petty, unacceptable manner at the most inopportune time. Joe Girardi prevented one of the most poignant moments in baseball history from happening. Jorge Posada should have been behind the plate when Mariano Rivera set the all-time saves record. Posada was the [...]

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