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Mickey Mantle Produced the Two Greatest Seasons of the »

Mickey Mantle has had the finest back-to-back seasons in the modern era, which started in 1947. In 1956, Mantle won the Major League’s Triple Crown when he batted .353, hit 52 home runs and batted in 130 runs. In 1957, he batted .365 with 34 home runs and 94 RBIs. Wins Above Replacement is a powerful statistic that takes into account [...]

New York Yankees Fans: “Go Rays!” »

A big four-game series starts Thursday night, and the Yankees will only be spectators.Yes, I'm talking about the Red Sox-Rays series at Fenway. Just before the season began, the Boston Red Sox were proclaimed AL East champions by just about every MLB "expert" from every media outlet in the country.  The Red Sox were going to run away with the [...]

Goose Gossage Faced More Pressure Than Mariano Rivera »

Mariano Rivera has appeared in 1,027 games in relief for the New York Yankees. He has pitched 1,207 innings, including about 50 innings as a starter in 1995. Rivera has entered a game in a save situation 702 times. He has earned the save 600 times, blown the save 72 times and received a “hold”—which is not an accepted [...]

New York Yankees: 10 Pitchers Who Were Overpaid Busts »

When you spend $200 million dollars on your payroll every year, you're guaranteed to have a few guys who fail to earn what they make. That's the story of the New York Yankees. Every year they dive into the free agent market or make trades. A.J. Burnett is the most recent overpaid pitching bust for the Yankees, but he is certainly not the [...]

10 Free Agents the New York Yankees Will Look at This »

When push comes to shove in MLB's free agent market, the New York Yankees usually do both, jostling their way to the top of every player watch list in their never ending pursuit to assemble the best possible team. This coming winter will be no different. And with very good talent to be had, it may be even more important to land the big name before [...]

New York Yankees: Predicting the 25-Man Postseason »

While nearly 1,600 players have suited up for the New York Yankees during the regular season, only a fraction have played for the team when it counts the most—in the playoffs. Players like Bucky Dent, Aaron Boone and the recently retired Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez all cemented their place in Yankees history with huge playoff [...]

A.J. Burnett: Why His Contract Was Not a Mistake for »

With all the money the Yankees spend, there will be some contracts that are considered busts, most notably Carl Pavano.The Yankees signed Pavano after a great season with the Marlins, going a career high 18-8 with an ERA of 3.00. The deal was a 4-year deal worth $39.95 Million. Pavano had a terrible stint in the Bronx, with just 28 starts in [...]

Mariano Rivera Could Have Helped the New York Yankees »

Mariano Rivera is closing in on the all-time saves record held by Trevor Hoffman. Rivera has 600 saves and needs two more to set a new record. Rivera has made 1,027 relief appearances. He has never blown more than nine saves in any season. There is no question that Mariano Rivera is the greatest relief pitcher of all time, but Dave Smith of [...]

Cameron Diaz vs. Minka Kelly: Who Wins Epic Ex-Yankee »

One was a Charlie's Angel on the big screen, the other is an Angel on the small one. Both captured the hearts of two star Yankees. One thing is certain, both have our attention. However, there can only be one epic Yankee WAG.Allow me to hit you with some sad news that only affects two people, but will be felt by an entire nation that [...]

September 11th: What Role Does Sports Play in »

September 11th, 2001 was a confusing and terrible day for all of America.The sports world was not immune to the effects of the attacks. Games were postponed for days after the terrible attacks. Tributes were played, moments of silence were held, and flags were flown proudly when our professional athletes got back to work. The World Series proved [...]

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