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Friday June 14th 2024


Yankees’ Next Big Moves Will Make or Break New Era’s Future

class="ui-droppable" dir="ltr">It's not easy to do what the New York Yankees have done. It's even tougher to do what they have to do next. 

In this era in which total rebuilds are all the rage and tanking is rewarded, the Yankees rebuilt their farm system without also suffering through a 101-loss season (like the Chicago Cubs) or 324 losses over three campaigns (like the Houston Astros). Three years after MLB.com said they had none of the top 60 prospects in the game, they have five of the top 51.

That doesn't even include Gary Sanchez, who turned 24 in December but graduated from prospect status when he hit 20 home runs in just 53 contests in 2016.

"The Yankees have the best (and deepest) ...

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