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Epstein’s Red Sox Dominate Cashman’s »

Theo Epstein gets more bang for his buck than Brian Cashman. Temporarily setting aside the century-old Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, let's put into perspective the decade-long Cashman-Epstein rivalry. There is no rivalry. Beyond Epstein's perennial duping of Cashman in his many faux free-agent pursuits, the former dominates the latter where it really [...]

Are the 2010 Red Sox better than the New York Yankees? »

Is this really for real? John Lackey? Mike Cameron? Marco Scutaro? Adrian Beltre? It's almost a dream for Boston Red Sox fans, and if Adrian Gonzalez was in the picture, we'd be on Cloud Nine. Theo Epstein responded well after the New York Yankees won their 27th World Championship, and instead of nickel and diming  like last offseason, he signed [...]

The Indians’ Sweep the Yankees on Their Way to »

Paula Volpoff loves the Cleveland Indians. She suffered through the early 1950s, when great Cleveland teams were edged out by the slightly better, or as she says, "luckier," Yankees. Volpoff vividly recalls what happened to the Yankees in 1954.   An Indians' Fan in New York I was still living in New York on Sept. 12, 1954. It was a [...]

Calling Fernando Tatis To the Yankees Bench »

Followers of the offseason Yankees are left this winter thinking about a single bench position, and Fernando Tatis just may be the player for the job. Let's take a look at the probable roster: They will carry 12 pitchers.   These are the nine position players:  C Posada (Switch); 1B Teixeira (S); 2B Cano (Left); SS Jeter (Right); [...]

What New York Yankee Fans Should Expect From Javier »

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman had said going into the offseason that one of his priorities was to upgrade the starting pitching. But he would not get seriously involved in the Doc Halladay sweepstakes because the stakes were probably too high and Toronto was never likely to trade Doc within the American League East. Cashman also [...]

It’s Roberto Alomar’s Time To Shine »

"I’ve made some mistakes, definitely, but I believe I deserve to be in Cooperstown." Roberto Alomar will hopefully add "Hall of Famer" to his long list of incredible accomplishments as we will all be anxiously anticipating today's announcement at 2:00 pm EST for the 2010 inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Alomar is one of the [...]

Randy Johnson Retires with Yankee Tenure as His Only »

Randy Johnson is a great pitcher who should be a first ballot Hall of Famer. There is no arguing that point. He had some of the most dominant seasons of all time and continued to be an effective starting pitcher even during the twilight of his career. This is not how he is thought of in Yankee lore. The two seasons Randy Johnson spent in New York [...]

The Most Unbreakable Record in Sports »

It is extremely difficult to compare many different sports and claim one record as the most unbreakable over another.  In fact, in each respective sport, it takes great skill to achieve professional status, let alone hold a record above every other player that has played or currently plays the game.  I am attempting to determine the most [...]

The New York Mets Beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium: »

Art Lawrence is a rabid Yankees fan, but there was one time when he rooted for the Yankees' opponent. The Yankees had summarily dismissed Casey Stengel after the 1960 World Series. In June, 1963, Casey Stengel managed at Yankee Stadium, but he was managing the Mets. For one of the few times in his life, Art Lawrence wanted the Mets to win. [...]

Jon Heyman’s Wacky World of Baseball Hall of »

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman tweeted a couple of weeks ago that he voted for Andre Dawson, Jack Morris, Barry Larkin, Dave Parker, Don Mattingly, and Roberto Alomar. At the time it struck me as the kind of list you'd see from someone who had not really looked at the numbers very closely, or if he did, hadn't really understood them. I didn't [...]

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