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Addressing the Albert Pujols To the Yankees in 2011 or »

So there have been quite a few rumors going around about some certain player lately possibly heading to the Bronx next winter. He plays first base for the Cardinals and may be the best player in the game today. Still can't figure it out? Shame on you, it's Albert Pujols. That's right, rumors have been running rampant about the Yankees being [...]

New York Yankees Drafts By Career Wins Above »

In case you are not familiar with the WAR statistic, it stands for Wins Above Replacement and while the numbers behind it are a bit complex, the idea is simple. Basically, it is just how much value a player produces compared to what a replacement level player would produce. A replacement level player is basically a valueless commodity that can be [...]

A Typical 1959 New York Yankees Game »

Charlie Cret lived in Brooklyn his entire life. He was devastated when Walter O'Malley took his team away. All that was left for Charlie was to root against the Yankees. The Two Dodgers' Franchises I could never again root for my team, because my team no longer existed. Oh, Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, PeeWee Reese and company played for a team [...]

How the Braves Lost the 1958 World Series »

Joseph Abstein was a Boston fan until his team moved to Milwaukee in 1953. Joe still roots for the Braves. He fondly recalls the 1957 World Series in which the Braves beat the Yankees, but once in while, he still has nightmares about the 1958 World Series. The Yankees Were "Just Another Team" Until the 1957 World Series I was a Boston Braves [...]

Wilkin De La Rosa, LHP: Prospect Profile »

              Year Age Tm Lg ERA G GS IP H ER HR BB SO HR/9 BB/9 SO/9 2007 22

An “Over the Hill” Hoyt Wilhelm No-Hit the »

Rich Fox is an Orioles fan who remembers when the Orioles were the Yankees' patsies, but even in those days, the Orioles had their moments. Rich takes great joy in recalling how Hoyt Wilhelm no-hit the the "arrogants" from New York on September 20, 1958. It wasn't until June 11, 2003, that the Yankees again suffered the humiliation of being [...]

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