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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Epstein’s Red Sox Dominate Cashman’s Yankees

Epstein gets more bang for his buck than Brian Cashman.

Temporarily setting aside the century-old Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, let's put into perspective the decade-long Cashman-Epstein rivalry.

There is no rivalry. Beyond Epstein's perennial duping of Cashman in his many faux free-agent pursuits, the former dominates the latter where it really matters: the bottom line.

Comparing each General Manager's potential 2010 payroll with his prospective 25-man roster's 2009 production reveals Epstein's superiority.

If the 2010 Yankees produce at the Championship level they did in 2009, their production will reach $303.4 million. That's a staggering amount, but it outstrips the 2010 25-man payroll (about $202.2 million) by only $101.2 ...

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