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Sunday June 16th 2024


Are the 2010 Red Sox better than the New York Yankees?

this really for real?

John Lackey? Mike Cameron? Marco Scutaro? Adrian Beltre? It's almost a dream for Boston Red Sox fans, and if Adrian Gonzalez was in the picture, we'd be on Cloud Nine. Theo Epstein responded well after the New York Yankees won their 27th World Championship, and instead of nickel and diming  like last offseason, he signed big-gun Lackey and bolstered the defensive unit in Cameron, Beltre, and Scutaro. The Red Sox want to be that team in 2010. Even though they lost their power guy in Jason Bay, it may not be the end of the world. Someone will step up to the plate. There's always that one surprise guy that no one expects, but who will he be? That's really the only troubling question mark going into the 2010 season. Will the Sox have enough ...

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