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A Happy New Year to Bleacher Report and Fans »

Tonight is the final night of 2009. The end of one decade and the beginning of a new one in a few short hours. Tonight, I will step back from baseball writing and focus on life. Six months ago, I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in communications and journalism, hopeful that I would land a job with a newspaper, magazine, or Web [...]

How the Dodgers Topped the Yankees in May 1956 »

Malcolm Schwartz and his friend, David Broman , lived in Flushing, Queens during the 1950s. Each attended his first baseball game on May 12, 1956. Mal's father, who was born in Brooklyn, took him to Ebbets Field to see the Dodgers play the Giants. David's father was born in the Bronx, and they went to Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees host the [...]

New York Yankees: 2010 Roster Breakdown »

It is time to start looking towards the new MLB season. While many Yankee fans are still relishing in their 27th World Championship glory, it is time to gear up for another exciting season of Yankee baseball. I decided to do a breakdown of the Yankees current roster. This will give everyone a look at the Yankees lineup and rotation. Without [...]

Jason Bay, Mark DeRosa Signings Should Bring Down »

We are almost upon the New Year of 2010. A new decade is about to dawn upon us. But, when that decade comes, the Yankees will begin it as the reigning champions of baseball. They will also be still in search of a left fielder for the 2010 season. Just this week, two more options went off the board for the Yankees in the left field [...]

Tiger Woods Scandal, And The Attempts To Destroy The »

When I turn on Sportscenter in the morning, I see Tiger Woods. When I turn on NBC after lunch, I see Tiger Woods. When I turn off my television I lay across the couch and pick up my newspaper and a disgraced Tiger Woods, graces the cover page, the inside page and the TV guide. Tiger Woods, once the most praised and richest athlete in the world, [...]

Does the Yankees Javier Vazquez Trade Make Nick »

When the Yankees signed Nick Johnson as DH for approximately $5.5M base pay, I thought that it was a very solid move.   Nick Johnson "keeps the line moving," wears down starting pitchers and gets on base, which is not a bad think in a lineup including Rodriguez, Teixeira, and Posada behind him. Very shortly thereafter, the Yankees traded [...]

Brett Gardner in Center Field & Aroldis Chapman »

Washington DC By Patrick Read  Brett Gardner was officially named the Yankee centerfielder last year after ripping the cover off of the ball in Spring Training—hitting .385 with three HRs—he edged out Melky Cabrera, especially in the category of speed. Of Gardner, Joe Girardi said, "What happens April 6 doesn't necessarily mean that's what's [...]

Art Ditmar Instead of Whitey Ford? Casey Stengel »

Giants' fan Larry Levensen always argued that Leo Durocher could run rings around Casey Stengel when it came to managing. Durocher never blew a World Series the way Stengel did in 1960. Casey Stengel's Error Nothing was better than seeing the Yankees beat the Pirates in just about every category in the 1960 World Series, except for the only [...]

Yankees’ 2010 Outfield Appears Very Weak »

If tomorrow were April 4 and the Yankees were opening their season in Fenway Park, their outfield would be very suspect. The projected fly shaggers right now are Brett Gardner in left, Curtis Granderson in center, and Nick Swisher in right. Brian Cashman has said in as many ways as he possibly can that he is not going after a big name to fill in [...]

Melky Cabrera Was Never Given a Chance with the »

In his four plus years with the New York Yankees, Melky Cabrera was loved by many of the fans. But he was never appreciated by the management of the team. Cabrera was often the talk of trade rumors until he was finally traded last week to Atlanta in a move which will bring Javier Vasquez back to New York. But Cabrera was still only 25 years old, [...]

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