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Sunday May 19th 2024


Art Ditmar Instead of Whitey Ford? Casey Stengel Really Messed Up

fan Larry Levensen always argued that Leo Durocher could run rings around Casey Stengel when it came to managing. Durocher never blew a World Series the way Stengel did in 1960.

Casey Stengel's Error

Nothing was better than seeing the Yankees beat the Pirates in just about every category in the 1960 World Series, except for the only category that counts, which is games won.

The reason was that Stengel, one of the most overrated managers in baseball history, didn't know enough to start his best pitcher in the first game.

Art Ditmar Started against Vern Law

When I read that Ditmar was starting the first game against 20-game winner Law, I had to read it again.

Ditmar instead of ...

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