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Saturday July 20th 2024


Does the Yankees Javier Vazquez Trade Make Nick Johnson’s Signing a Mistake?

the Yankees signed Nick Johnson as DH for approximately $5.5M base pay, I thought that it was a very solid move.   Nick Johnson "keeps the line moving," wears down starting pitchers and gets on base, which is not a bad think in a lineup including Rodriguez, Teixeira, and Posada behind him.

Very shortly thereafter, the Yankees traded Melky Cabrera and two prospect pitchers for Javier Vazquez.  Nothing wrong with that trade either.

But the thought occurs to me that if Melky Cabrera was expendable, might the Yankees have been better off foregoing the signing of a DH and put the money into left field?  I assume that the Yankees have around $2 million to spend.  They could have combined the money going to Johnson with the ...

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