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Sunday June 16th 2024


Tiger Woods Scandal, And The Attempts To Destroy The Black Athlete

I turn on Sportscenter in the morning, I see Tiger Woods. When I turn on NBC after lunch, I see Tiger Woods. When I turn off my television I lay across the couch and pick up my newspaper and a disgraced Tiger Woods, graces the cover page, the inside page and the TV guide.

Tiger Woods, once the most praised and richest athlete in the world, has now been the subject of major ridicule.

Indeed he has caused his personal life to go up in smoke.

But that's his personal life. He has cheated on his wife and that is something that he has to deal with.

Some of the people ridiculing his personal life may have even cheated on their spouse. But when someone of his stature comes along and proves that they are human, the world who ...

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