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Thursday June 13th 2024


Jon Heyman’s Wacky World of Baseball Hall of Fame “Logic”

Illustrated's Jon Heyman tweeted a couple of weeks ago that he voted for Andre Dawson, Jack Morris, Barry Larkin, Dave Parker, Don Mattingly, and Roberto Alomar.

At the time it struck me as the kind of list you'd see from someone who had not really looked at the numbers very closely, or if he did, hadn't really understood them. I didn't write about it because that sort of thing happens all the time, so it's not really news.

To Heyman's credit, he at least puts his votes out there for public consumption and then even defends them against his detractors. That is noble, if not effective, in swaying public opinion.

The trouble is that Heyman, like most people in his position, appears to have made his decisions and then looked for evidence ...

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