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Tuesday May 28th 2024


Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees Slugger on Pace for 4th MVP

home runs and 225 RBI over a two-year stretch may be considered career years for an ordinary MLB player, but when you're Alex Rodriguez they are thought of as down years.

Hampered by constant hip injuries, Rodriguez just didn't seem like the three-time AL MVP and had many thinking he was on the decline.

However when he reported to spring training in February in tip-top shape, it was clear that he was on route to a big year. Six home runs, a .388 batting average and a 1.342 OPS in spring training only confirmed A-Rod's return to greatness. 

Carrying in the impressive spring numbers into the regular season was the challenge for Rodriguez, and he has answered the call superbly.

17 games into the season, A-Rod sports a ...

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