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Tuesday May 28th 2024


New York Yankees: Some Good Advice to GM Brian Cashman

those who are New York Yankee fans remember the frustration we felt with the stupid Joba Rules a couple of years ago.

For those who may not remember, the Yankee brass, led by general manager Brian Cashman, decided they were going to limit the number of innings Joba Chamberlain would pitch as a starter.

Joba had been a starting pitcher in college and for his entire minor-league career. When he was brought up in 2007, he was used exclusively in the bullpen. But the plan was to have him return to his starting role.

But not really. Or at least not completely. Because Cashman thought Joba was too young to start and go long in 30-plus games as a starter.

So they fiddled around with him, limiting his pitch counts and his innings, ...

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