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Sunday April 21st 2024


A Wake-Up Call to Sports Team Haters

this year and years past I have, as a Yankee fan, been subject to a ton of misguided hatred towards my favorite baseball team. This usually makes me angry and argumentative. I have written countless comments in defense of the Yankees, ex-Yankee players, and Yankee ownership.

The thing that really makes me sick however, is when people attribute any illegal indiscretion with a team or as something that is to be expected from a team. 

Team haters are everywhere. They come in all sizes and shapes and have been around for years. Lately though, there are an abundance of team haters out there that are going overboard. I, as a Yankee fan, hate the Red Sox. As a Red Sox hater I thoroughly and proudly root against them, however I draw the line at ...

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