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Thursday May 23rd 2024


New York Yankees: Get Derek Jeter Signed, Otherwise It’ll Be Your Own Undoing

you may, scratch that, ALREADY have heard, the talks between the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter have "gotten heated".  Insults have been said, and other things each side wishes they hadn't done has been released in the press. 

Many New York media outlets and reporters are congratulating the Steinbrenners and GM Brian Cashman for not giving Jeter what he wanted (reportedly at first six years for $150 million dollars, now around $23- $24 million annually for four or five years).  Casey Close, Derek Jeter's agent, was "baffeled" (sorry I used the quote, but I had to) by the three-year $45 million offer New York put on the table.

Usually, when dealing with greedy owners and faces-of-franchises, the fans will side with the player.  ...

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