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MLB Hot Stove: Yankee Fans Happily Say Adios To Javier »

The second time was not a charm for Javier Vazquez as a New York Yankee After almost winning the NL Cy Young in 2009, Vazquez bravely returned to the Bronx in 2010. He had high hopes to end the Yankee fans smear campaign, which dated back to the 2004 season. Just in case you were subconsciously blocking out 2004 (trust me I do), it was the year [...]

Derek Jeter: Is New Contract Biggest No-Win Deal for »

Derek Jeter continues to seek a massive contract from the New York Yankees, who are showing no signs of caving into the future Hall of Famer's demands.According to multiple reports, Jeter is seeking a five or six-year deal worth over $20 million per season.The Yankees have countered with a three-year contract worth a reported $45 million.Let the [...]

Derek Jeter Needs To Grow Up If He Wants to Remain a »

Today's baseball players simply have no idea the leverage and position they hold in negotiations thanks to sacrifices of some of the game's greatest players such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. Before Curt Flood and the reserve clause, players either played or sat out. Ownership held all the cards and [...]

Javier Vazquez Is Back in the National League, Where »

I love when players and agents use their degrees from Common Sense University. It’s not often these degrees are used, so when they are it brings a smile to my face.   After a couple of failed trips in the American League, it was pretty clear that RHP Javier Vazquez belonged in the National League. For what ever reason, when Vazquez [...]

Mr. 3000: Jeter Could Be 1st Bomber To Hit the Mark »

The New York Yankees are one of the most decorated and historic franchises in sports. Names like Mickey Mantel, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra and the Babe are just a handful of the historic names to don pinstripes. “Winning Championships” is the Yankees motto. Baseball is a team sport, which makes individual accomplishments [...]

Does Derek Jeter Have Lou Gehrig’s Values? »

The New York Yankees front office was faced with some problems following the team’s outstanding 1937 season in which they won the pennant by 13 games and defeated the New York Giants in the World Series. Joe DiMaggio received $15,000 in 1937 and intimated that $25,000 would not be sufficient in 1938. Of course, the reality of the situation [...]

Cliff Lee: Talks To Heat Up, While Yankees and Jeter »

Half a dozen teams are interested in free-agent ace left-hander Cliff Lee. Three are known—the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals—while the other three are left to speculation. Lee, 31, is known to be looking for a seven-year contract worth upwards of $20 million annually. The suitors that have proclaimed their [...]

Derek Jeter Will Have to Accept Pay Cut to Remain With »

Courtesy of Yankees 'n More SI.com's Jon Heyman chimed (oops...make that Tweeted) in with some new info on the Derek Jeter debacle tonight.According to Heyman, while the New York Yankees are willing to sweeten their offer to Jeter "by a couple mil a year," the Yankees captain will have to accept a pay cut to remain with the team.Well, we [...]

MLB Rumors: 10 Reasons Derek Jeter Will Get His Way »

MLB Rumors: 10 Reasons Derek Jeter Will Get His Way With YankeesDerek Jeter is a free agent for the first time in his storied MLB career, and unless something changes, it seems like he will remain a free agent for a while.Jeter is said to be seeking 4-6 years and $22-25 million a year. Steep numbers for someone who has showed a lot of decline over [...]

2011 New York Yankees Offseason: Trades and Signings »

The New York Yankees have once again failed to reach their goal of winning a World Series Championship.  While the team was solid, it won nothing last year but a single playoff series.  Granted, it sounds pretentious to 29 other teams to call a trip to the ALCS a failure, but in Yankee town, that’s all it is. However, in the [...]

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