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Who Should the New York Yankees Protect for the Rule »

To start, if you're wondering what the Rule Five draft is, you can read this Wikipedia article for a quick explanation. In short, it's a way for players who are stuck in an organization to quickly advance to the major leagues with another team. If a player is selected, they have to remain in the majors for the entire season. If the team can't [...]

Jason Bay and Matt Holliday: What are They Worth? »

Matt Holliday formerly of the St. Louis Cardinals and Jason Bay formerly of the Boston Red Sox are the prize hitters in the 2009 – 2010 free agent market. They are both looking for someone to “show them the money,” to steal a line from Jerry Maguire.  Holliday, according to his agent, is looking for Mark Teixeira money in the range of $22.5 [...]

Fantography: The Photographic Diary of the Fan’s »

As I chatted with Andy Strasberg about his new baseball related venture called Fantography™,  I couldn't help but hum Rod Stewart's 1971 anthem, "Every Picture Tells a Story." In actuality, however, my musical recap of Strasberg's photographic venture may be best summarized as Paul Simon's Kodachrome mixed with a few verses of Take Me Out to [...]

The Yankees Potential OffSeason Shopping List for 2010 »

Christmas shopping for all of us is about 30 days away. For the Yankees and General Manager Brian Cashman, he may be starting his shopping in six days. Friday, November 20 will mark the beginning of Major League Baseball's free agency period for all teams and all players. So far, the 30 teams have six more days to re-negotiate with their [...]

Johnny Damon Is No Derek Jeter »

There have been many outlandish claims made when comparing the relative merits of baseball players, but to conclude that Johnny Damon is in the same league as Derek Jeter is as graphic an example of specious reasoning as baseball fans have ever heard. The only way to accept the claim is to facetiously state that they are in the same league because [...]

New York Yankees: How Hot Will the Stove Burn for the »

Hello, once again! To start, a big congrats to the World Champion New York Yankees! It has a been a long time coming for us fans, and the team definitely earned it this year with their clutch play! Honestly, this was one of the best teams the Yanks have had in the last 20 years or so, I would say the only one that might best them would be the [...]

New York to L.A and Back: The Evolution of a Sports »

Do you know what happens when you grow up a die-hard old school sports fan? There are rules! When I grew up in Brooklyn, you couldn't root for teams just because they all come from the same town. In old-school New York—that would be the '50s for you newbies—that team in Chavez Ravine was the Brooklyn Dodgers.  In Manhattan, there were the [...]

Yanks Should Beat Sox Again and Sign Cuban Aroldis »

Lefty Cuban pitching sensation Aroldis Chapman defected from his national team in July and he is currently a coveted unsigned Major League Baseball free agent.   ESPN The Magazine reported in the summer that Chapman vacated his hotel room in the Netherlands, where Cuba was in the midst of participating in a baseball  tournament, and never [...]

Sad Reports Out Of Texas: John Wetteland Attempts »

Update: According to the Dallas Morning News, John Wetteland was hospitalized because of an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. "My wife and I are very appreciative of the over-and-above care of our local officers and paramedics," Wetteland said. "I am currently resting safely at home." Obviously an elevated heart is the complete opposite of [...]

Roy Halladay & the Yankees: Absolutely Ridiculous »

Roy Halladay in pinstripes? This could very well be a possibility, but the question is, why? Why do the reigning World Series Champions need to add another ace to their already proven and capable starting rotation? Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman tweeted  that the Yankees plan on inquiring about Halladay. New York won without former [...]

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