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New York Yankees Add Seven Players to Protect Them »

Yesterday the Yankees added seven players to their 40-man roster, protecting them from the Rule 5 draft. They also removed Shelley Duncan from the roster and out righted him to Triple-A. I predicted that the Yankees would only add four or five players, so I am definitely a bit surprised they chose to add the following seven players:   Austin [...]

Austin Jackson Added to the 40-Man Roster and Set To »

On Friday, Nov. 20, 2009, the New York Yankees made a few tweaks to their 40-man roster. The Yankees added seven players to their roster in preparation for the upcoming Rule-Five draft. Reggie Corona, Kevin Russo, Eduardo Nunez, pitchers Romulo Sanchez, Ivan Nova, and Hector Noesi make up six of the seven players rescued from the draft. Among [...]

New York Yankees: The Greatest Team On The Planet »

Watching the New York Yankees win the World Series this year made me reflect on the past. My mind wandered to a decade ago and to a specific date, October 27, 1999. A date that represents my all-time greatest sports moment.  Now, I have been to plenty of playoff games in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. I have seen championship boxing matches and [...]

NY Sports Radio Lacks Intelligence »

Daily News media critic Bob Raissman loves to call New York Sports Radio as the Valley of the Stupid. He use that moniker on them for the way the hosts and callers act stupid on the radio. It's been years since this New Yorker listened to sports radio. He stopped listening in 2000 after he got tired of hearing ignorance from the fans and the [...]

How Do the New York Yankees Approach Free Agency 2010? »

At midnight, it begins. Free agency basically ends everything from the 2009 season and begins the 2010 season. For the 2009 World Series champion New York Yankees, it too begins their journey of defending their new championship that they worked hard to win. Most people are probably wondering, where do the Yankees start in the offseason? They have [...]

Hate Is the New Love for MLB »

I still remember the first day I became a Mets fan. It was spring of 1990 and there I was, five years old and ready to face the world of tee-ball. Where I lived in California, the teams were not green or orange, but actual baseball teams like the Yankees and the Dodgers. As it turned out, I was destined to be on the Mets with my dad as coach. From [...]

Grading the New York Yankees: Position Players »

The New York Yankees earned an A+ for their overall efforts on and off the field during the 2009 season, as they captured the 27th World Series championship in franchise history. But who deserves most of the credit for the rings they will receive in April?  In the first part of my grading series, I evaluate the position players.   Derek [...]

Team 89: The 1963 Tigers »

Year: 1963 Record: 79-83 Win %: .488 Win % Change: -40 Run Differential: -3 Pythagorean Record: 81-81 AL Finish: 5th of 10 Manager: Bob Scheffing and Chuck Dressen Best Transaction: Picked up Denny McLain off of waivers.  McLain’s story is well know in Tigers lore.  He reached a very high peak in the late 1960s and then fell apart [...]

Commissioner Meets with Owners Discusses Baseball Post »

The O’Hare Hilton in Chicago is once a bustling Mecca of baseball decision-making this week as owners of the 30 baseball franchises meet with the Commissioner and members of the MLB front office. These meetings come just a week after the General Managers met here. While not formally on the agenda, owners are planning to speak about the [...]

Team 90: The 1918 Tigers »

Year: 1918 Record: 55-71 Win %: .437 Win % Change: -73 Run Differential: -81 Pythagorean Record: 54-72 AL Finish: 7th of 8 Manager: Hughie Jennings Best Transaction: Purchased Marty Kavanagh.  This is a stretch, but Kavanagh is the only player the Tigers brought on bored prior or to or during the 1918 season.  Kavanagh was a former [...]

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