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Thursday June 13th 2024


Hate Is the New Love for MLB

still remember the first day I became a Mets fan.

It was spring of 1990 and there I was, five years old and ready to face the world of tee-ball. Where I lived in California, the teams were not green or orange, but actual baseball teams like the Yankees and the Dodgers.

As it turned out, I was destined to be on the Mets with my dad as coach. From then on, I was a Mets fan. There really are not a lot of memories from that age I can recollect, but this always stuck out in my mind

When I moved to New York two years later, it was a dream come true. Even though my Mets were stinking up a storm, I was still a die-hard fan. During each game I sat nervously, inches from of the TV, writhing in emotional pain with every passing loss.

Consequently, ...

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