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Monday May 20th 2024


Derek Jeter, Sadly, Has One of the Worst Range Factors Among Yankees’ Shortstops

Factor is a measurement of a defensive player's range. It is a simple statistic that is calculated by adding a fielder's put outs and assists, multiplying that number by nine and dividing the result by games played.

Derek Jeter is rated as an average defensive player by some "experts." Others consider him to be and to have been below average.

Range Factor for an infielder is dependent upon the number of ground balls put into play. Maybe, I hoped, that if they didn't hit many ground balls, I could rationalize Jeter's RF.  A batter that strikes out doesn't hit a ground ball.

The following table lists Jeter's Range Factor and the number of strikeouts New York Yankees pitchers recorded from 1996-2001:

YEAR    ...

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