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Wednesday May 29th 2024


Derek Jeter Declines Huge Contract Offer from Himself (Satire)

he was “extremely insulted,” New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter turned down a 10-year, $200 million offer from himself on Friday.

Jeter, who awarded himself a Gold Glove earlier this month, told the Associated Press that “the offer just doesn’t take into account all I’m worth to myself.” 

“Look, I’m an icon, man. I’m a freaking brand!,” the Yankees shortstop screamed to no one in particular. “I’m very disappointed in me and will be giving myself a stern talking to. I mean, who the hell do I think I am anyway?”

The Yankees star was reportedly offered a miserly three-year, $45 million contract offer from the Yankees. Shortly afterword, GM Brian Cashman ...

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