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Monday April 15th 2024


Derek Jeter Negotiations: Pride vs. Power

1901, only nine shortstops age 37 or above hit over .270 in a season. Derek Jeter will qualify as the 10th player in that category next season, and the New York Yankees are well aware of that.

Sure, if you are going to bet on someone entering that group (that happens to include six Hall of Famers), it might as well be Jeter. For the Yankees, who have more money floating around than we can imagine, it is an easy bet to make.

But, then again, if Jeter only hit .270 as a 36-year-old, what should make the Yankees think he will do better as a 37-year-old?

As far as the Yankees are concerned, they have already made a bet. They offered Jeter three-years, $45 million. Jeter and his agent, on the other hand, don’t see this as a smart ...

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