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Tuesday August 9th 2022


Hot Stove 2010: What To Make of Derek Jeter and New York Yankees Negotations

Friday has come and gone and the Yankees and Derek Jeter have yet to strike a deal. Everyone knows what has gone on thus far. The Yankees have offered a deal to make Jeter the highest paid middle infielder in the big leagues when he is not performing like one. Jeter wants the Yankees to give him an Alex Rodriguez type contract, with rumors floating around of six years at $22-25 million per.

As a lifelong Yankees fan these are the toughest negotiations we have ever had to face and I think I speak for most Yankees fans on this.

This is what he know so far: We all love Derek Jeter and he is the one guy that even Red Sox fans respect, so that says something right there. We all want Jeter to be a Yankee for the last three or four or five years of ...

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