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Women’s Week at BallHyped: Lady Loves Pinstripes »

It is always nice to get recognized for something you put your heart into, so I was thrilled when Ballhyped.com wanted to feature Lady Loves Pinstripes as a favorite female sports site during Women’s Week. It is an honor for women to be getting acknowledged in the sports world. I want to thank Ballhyped for hosting a week to honor women, [...]

Derek Jeter: Does He Have Any Leverage in Public War »

Derek Jeter isn't budging on his contract demands, and the New York Yankees don't appear to be willing to cave anytime soon.It's no surprise that the "Captain's" contract talks have gone public, but few expected negotiations to go public this early in the process.Despite coming off the worst season of his career, Jeter still has more value than [...]

New York Yankees and Derek Jeter: Ownership May »

Shortstop Derek Jeter just finished his 15th year with the New York Yankees, the final year of a 10-year deal. Prior to this off-season, many believed that the Yankees organization and Jeter would work out a new deal in no time. Well, things have gotten ugly and Yankees fans are beginning to think about life without No. 2 The problem with contract [...]

MLB Twitter: What A Few Of The Yankee Greats Are »

No one on this list needs an introduction.  If you follow the Yankees, or simply, have been following baseball over it's magnificent history, the names on this list speak for themselves.  Although most of these players on this list are Hall of Famers, and while some will fall short of reaching Cooperstown, there is no [...]

Derek Jeter: the New York Yankees Would Not Be the »

Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees have been in negotiations for some time now, with disagreements on both ends.  Jeter is already an all-time Yankee great who feels like he deserves more than the Yankees have offered. The Yanks offered Jeter a three-year, $45 million contract, which has led to a lot of headlines in the media.  [...]

The New York Yankees’ Top 10 Pitchers of the »

In football, they say defense wins championships. In baseball, that can be translated to pitching wins World Series.Pitching is the most vital aspect of a team's success. A few shutdown pitchers can lead a team to greatness.The New York Yankees of the last two decades are known for a strong offense, but it was a solid pitching staff that got them [...]

New York Yankees: Video Tour of the Championship Years »

The 27 New York Yankees World Series Championships span over 87 years, hitting every decade but the 1980's.I scoured YouTube for the best video representation for each of the Yankee Championship years and this is what developed - everything from Ken Burns to old Newsreels to television and radio broadcasts to fan video.It is amazing actually [...]

MLB Rumors: The 10 Best Cliff Lee Landing Spots For »

Cliff Lee is a free agent, and that means the team that flashes the most cash will have the advantage in the arms race. Lee most likely enjoys Texas, unfortunately, us fans don't really get a lot of the Rangers during the typical MLB season. As a casual observer of the game, I choose to take a glance at the 10 places in which Lee would look best. [...]

MLB Rumors: 10 Reasons Derek Jeter Won’t Win a »

Ready. Aim. Fire. Contract negotiations between Derek Jeter and the Yankees are well underway with both sides standing pat. The Yankees are not willing to offer Jeter a fourth year, and the Jeter camp is insulted with the Yankees initial offer of a three-year, $45 million deal.  We all know Jeter is going to be a Yankee next season, and [...]

Derek Jeter Watch: New York Yankees Lose Containment »

Tsk, tsk, Yankees. You should have known better.Once agent Casey Close made the Derek Jeter negotiations public this weekend, proving Hal Steinbrenner's "things could get messy" prophecy as true, the team needed to be thinking two steps ahead.Unfortunately, Yankee officials were playing checkers when they needed to be playing chess, and that's how [...]

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