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Yankees Fans, Calm Down, GM Brian Cashman Is Simply »

Recent comments from New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman have fans screaming for his head. In just three short days, Cashman has become public enemy No. 1 in New York after his comments on two New York radio shows.  Most feel that being the general manager of the biggest wallet in baseball is one of the easiest jobs you could [...]

New York Yankees: Why Rivera-Soriano Will Be Better »

The Yankees have made an adjustment to their bullpen and the change is exceptional. Pitcher Rafael Soriano has been welcomed to the team as Mariano Rivera’s setup man. The 31-year-old accepted a three year, $35 million contract with the bombers and will contribute to a dominating bullpen, saving games and ending them quicker. As a possible [...]

MLB Rankings: The 30 Teams on Offensive »

Being able to perform in the 'clutch', when the game is on the line and there is no room for error, is a unique ability. Feeling 50,000+ pairs of eyes watching your every move and knowing millions more are watching on their TVs in their homes can be nerve-racking, to say the least. Nonetheless, professional baseball players are often faced [...]

New York Yankees: 3 Yankee Youths Make MLB »

Last night, Tuesday January 25, 2011, the MLB Network Special analyzing the 2011 “Top 50 Prospects” aired, and just three New York Yankee minor leaguers made the cut. Making the list... PLAYER MUST HAVE ROOKIE STATUS TO BE ELIGIBLE (To qualify for rookie status, a player must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched [...]

New York Yankees: ESPNw Uses the Bombers in Pathetic »

With a tad under two weeks before Superbowl XLV and a lack of sports news to report, ESPN finds some time to get their new w-brand some readers. Without much breaking news to report, the easiest answer is to create some, right? That is the only justifiable answer for why ESPN had a statement made by New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman about [...]

Brian Cashman Sounds Like A Man Ready To Leave New »

Courtesy of Yankees 'n More Let's play a little game.I'm going to give you a quote from Brian Cashman. It has been transcribed, as best as humanly possibly, word for word and stammer for stammer. The quote comes from a Tuesday afternoon Cashman interview on the Michael Kay show on ESPN radio in New York. Read the quote, then see if you can guess [...]

New York Yankees’ Terrible Offseason »

All us Yankee fans know how disappointing of an offseason our team had.  The only successful signing you could say was Rafeal Soriano. He may be the one reason why the Yankees may be able to keep pace with Boston in the AL East. Outside of that move, here are some of the worst moves Brian Cashman has made this offseason:   1.  Not [...]

New York Yankees: The 20 Most Important People in the »

Though I seem to get into periodic Twitter fights with the man over the Jets and Patriots, I quite admire Peter Abraham, the former Yankees beat writer for The Journal News who now covers the Red Sox for The Boston Globe.In honor of PeteAbe and the superlative work he did over at the LoHud Blog and continues to do at Extra Bases, today I'm going [...]

MLB Predictions: Naming Robinson Cano and the AL East »

For all the statistics we pore over as baseball writers and fans, the most definitive marker of a team's performance is that final won-loss record after 162 regular season games.  From that kind of "bird's-eye view," it's easy to see that the American League East features the best collection of players of any division in the game. While [...]

MLB Rumors: Why Pettitte More Likely Returns »

New York Yankee Southpaw Andy Pettitte is turning into MLB's humbler version of Brett Favre.Pettitte differs from Favre because he not had a press conference for every thought that goes on in his head, Pettitte has not had one at all.Clearly, the ace is struggling to give up his job instead of making his retirement official.That is why Pettitte's [...]

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