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Red Sox-Yankees: The Internet, NESN and What Being a »

Being of Generation Y—loosely defined as the segment of the population who saw Jenny McCarthy's botox-ravaged face on New Year's Eve and wondered where the last 15 years went—I've become quite Internet savvy.That means I can filter out much of what doesn't interest me and gravitate toward content that sits on my Mount Rushmore of [...]

MLB Free Agency: Top 5 Foreign-Born Player »

The MLB has benefited greatly off of imported talent.  A recent wave of Japanese and South American players have taken the game by storm.  Today, about 27% of MLB consists of foreign-born players.  Great talents like Hideki Matsui and Ichiro were established already in Japan.  They still were able to make an even bigger name [...]

New York Yankees: Are Don Mattingly & Tino »

On January 5, Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame class for 2011 will be announced on a live MLB Network simulcast at MLB.com. Among the distinguished list of candidates are two former New York Yankee first basemen who will always occupy a special place in the hearts of Bronx Bomber fans. Don Mattingly, one of the most popular players [...]

Dave Eiland, AJ Burnett’s Ex-Pitching Guru, »

It's been quite a few weeks since former Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland was removed from the team's equation for 2011, and Cubs coach Larry Rothschild was hired to replace him. The many ways in which Rothschild is a major upgrade for the Yankees this coming season (and the obvious and equal number of ways Eiland's departure was necessary) will [...]

All Time Yanks vs. All Time Red Sox: The Penultimate »

Thought we were going to leave you hanging, huh? No such luck—let's tune in.   Mutt Munson: "Hello everyone, I'm Mutt Munson and I'm here with my great friend and longtime broadcast partner Jock Johnson, and today from Fenway Park we bring you the final game of what has been a thrilling match up so far between loaded contingents from [...]

2010 Year in Review: The Bizarre, Wild, Freakish and »

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope 2011 will be a memorable year.  But before we officially begin 2011, lets take a look back at the wild, freaky, bizarre and inspiring stories of 2010 -- in this month-by-month account. So grab a Pepsi and brace yourself... January 1 In his final game as a Florida Gator, Tim Tebow completes in his first [...]

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