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Tuesday November 19th 2019


MLB Predictions: Naming Robinson Cano and the AL East Preseason All-Stars

all the statistics we pore over as baseball writers and fans, the most definitive marker of a team's performance is that final won-loss record after 162 regular season games.  From that kind of "bird's-eye view," it's easy to see that the American League East features the best collection of players of any division in the game. 

While AL East teams don't always win -- or even reach -- the World Series, three different AL East teams have made it to the World Series in the last four years, with the 2007 Red Sox and 2009 Yankees emerging as World Champions. Perhaps more importantly, though, the AL East has proved in recent years that it is the division with the most top-tier teams and the most depth. 

In 2010, the AL East was the only ...

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