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Tuesday September 21st 2021


New York Yankees: Why Rivera-Soriano Will Be Better Duo Than Wetteland-Rivera

Yankees have made an adjustment to their bullpen and the change is exceptional.

Pitcher Rafael Soriano has been welcomed to the team as Mariano Rivera’s setup man. The 31-year-old accepted a three year, $35 million contract with the bombers and will contribute to a dominating bullpen, saving games and ending them quicker.

As a possible and likely successor to Mariano’s closer position, the Yankees seem to be in good shape for the 2011 season. But do these two talented closers remind you of a previous unstoppable duo?

In the beginning of Rivera’s career, before he became the best closer in baseball, he was the setup man to John Wetteland. These two worked together and brought the Yankees to a 1996 World Series win.

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