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Thursday May 23rd 2024


How the New York Yankees Suffered from Baseball’s Biggest Trade

New York Yankees' primary method of improving involves signing other team's former players for large sums of money, but that wasn't always how the past and future World Champions operated.

The 1954 Yankees won 103 games but finished eight games behind the record-setting Cleveland Indians, which was unacceptable. Yankees general manager George Weiss and his counterpart with the Baltimore Orioles, the brilliant Paul Richards, pulled off the biggest trade in baseball history.

The Yankees sent nine players to the Orioles and received eight players in return, but the key for the Yankees was obtaining right-handers Bob Turley and Don Larsen.

Yes, there was 25-year-old Whitey Ford and 24-year-old Rookie of the Year Bob Grim, but Allie Reynolds ...

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